Boy (2007) - Matt Calvert

A book written and illustrated in the 1960's in the signature "boy's own" style titled "I spy manual" is the basis for this work. It is a silhouetted figure of a lone child, sitting on the grass lost

Werribee South

CAT (2012) - Dean Bowen

The CAT is a whimsical character evoking curiousity and fun - and he lives outside Wyndham Vale Community Learning Centre.

Manor Lakes

Circular (2010) – Stephen Banham & Christine Eid

Circular is a series of eight cast-iron works installed along the footpath of Main Street, Point Cook. Quietly integrated into the streetscape, the works playfully take the familiar form of manhole co

Point Cook

CodeX (2006) - Karen Casey

Since our early ancestors first glimpsed their reflection in water the mirror has served as our most immediate means of personal identification


Conundrum (2005) - Bill Perrin

The conceptual framework for the sculpture revolves around the symbolic interpretations of the sphere which can be viewed universally as a celestial body or microscopically as atomic particles.

Hoppers Crossing

Cultural River (2000) – Pam Stadus

“A glass skylight, 30m long and 2m wide will tell a story about Wyndham, and how it evolved from a fertile natural habitat into an area supporting a present day community of many cultures, with


Cypress (2010) – Ziggy Pawlikowski

The wood utilizes Cypress timber that was felled in 2008. The artwork comprises of two Cypress timber logs and stainless steel inserts and is an abstract artwork that reflects the organic shapes of t

Point Cook

Dance of the Platypus (2001) - Anne Ross

These sculptures represent the city life of Wyndham, industry, businesses, shops and social activity - the heart of the CBD. The figure on the left looks back towards the dog and bird at the previous


Jive (2012) - Grant Finck

Three sets a giant sewing needles walk across the lawns surrounding Werribee River. The sculpture consists of two main elements, stylized representations of sewing needles and woven mesh.

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