Wyndham’s Public Art & Collections Policy aspires to deliver dynamic contemporary public art to its diverse communities in a creative celebration of place, culture, and environment.

This policy provides a framework for Public Art & Collections in Wyndham.

Some key principles that inform the policy are:

  • It enables best practice in acquiring, commissioning, and managing contemporary public art programs and public collections
  • It is benchmarked against public art policies and programs that speak to Wyndham City’s future state
  • It considers emerging trends in contemporary art which signal that the boundaries between artforms and what is public will continue to shift and converge

This policy will be implemented through innovative and thought-provoking programs and projects with outcomes across three key areas:

  • Public Collections (including Public Art) that are acquired, commissioned, and maintained by Council
  • Public Art activity and commissions that are permanent, temporary, and ephemeral
  • Public Art Commissions & Acquisitions by developers and the private sector for public spaces

Wyndham is currently in the process of reviewing a plan that will a direct a world class public art program over the next ten years, delivering dynamic contemporary public art to its diverse communities, in a creative celebration of place, culture and environment.

The plan was produced following extensive research, internal and external consultation, global benchmarking and with consideration of relevant Council plans, polices and strategies. The plan sets out the vision for public art in Wyndham, and the principles, curatorial themes, approaches to planning and prioritising, pillars of approach, governance and procurement processes that will be applied over the next ten years to achieve the vision.

We look forward to presenting the new plan soon. 

Download - Public Art and Collections Policy 2019

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