Here at Wyndham City, we work hard to deliver the services and infrastructure that our growing community needs.

It’s no secret that our population is growing at a rapid rate. The total number of people choosing to call Wyndham home is now higher than that of Greater Geelong.

The 2020/21 Budget and Annual Plan includes more than $106 million in capital works projects, including:

  • $24.5 million on local roads
  • $20 million on recreational, leisure and community facilities
  • $15.3 million on buildings
  • $9.1 million on parks and open spaces
  • $2.4 million on footpaths and bicycle paths

For more information on capital works projects in Wyndham, search the Featured Projects section below.

Or if you’d prefer to find out about projects close to where you live, or anywhere else across Wyndham, use the Capital Works Dashboard – our new interactive online map.

Capital Works Dashboard

Featured Projects

Bensonhurst Pdw

Bensonhurst Pde Reserve Master Plan Implementation

The Bensonhurst Pde Reserve Master Plan will guide the potential future development of the reserve. A range of open space facilities are proposed to create a space where people can engage in healthy activity and come together as a community.

  • Sporting Reserves

Latest News

Council adopts 2022-23 Budget

Wyndham City Council last night formally adopted its 2022-23 Budget, which delivers $167.2 million in funding for capital works projects.
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