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Welcome Kids! Ready to get reading?

You can participate in the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge through your school or from home.

Check out the information below to learn more about the challenge, the books available at the library and the Reader’s Review Competition.

Information about the challenge

The Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge runs every year and kids are encouraged to read a set number of books and to record their reading efforts online.

You are encouraged to read a set number of books during the year and to record your reading efforts online.

Kids in Prep to Year 2 read 30 books including 20 from the challenge booklist

Kids in Year 3 to 6 read 15 books including 10 from the challenge booklist.

For more information about the rules, dates, and how to register, visit the Challenge Webpage.

Library books for the challenge


Our libraries have hundreds of books for each year level in primary school.

Explore the books we have available for Prep-Year 2, Year 3-4 and Year 5-6.

The VPRC books at our libraries have a sticker for the year level, so you can easily find the books on the shelf.

From home, you can place a hold on books using your library card and Pin/Password.


eBooks also count towards the challenge. Explore our VPRC eBooks, plus the great range of free kids eBooks from Bolinda.

You can download eBooks to your device using your library card and Pin/Password.

Talking Books:

Kids can listen to books for the challenge. Our libraries have Kids Talking Books to borrow, plus a range of free kids eAudiobooks to download from Bolinda.

Discover and download our VPRC eAudiobooks to your device using your library card and Pin/Password.

Books in Languages Other than English:

Kids can read books in different languages for the challenge. Check out our Bilingual Picture Books

Reader’s Review Competition

Each year you can participate in the Readers Review Competition if you are registered for the Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge. For your chance to win some cool prizes, you simply write an interesting review of your favourite book you’ve read for the challenge.

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