If you find a snake on your property:

  • Watch it from a safe distance and do not touch the snake
  • Safely remove any people or pets from the area where the snake is
  • If the snake is visible, a qualified professional snake catcher engaged by Wyndham City can attend and remove the snake from the residential property. This service is free of charge to residents and can be accessed by phoning 1300 023 411, following the prompts if you call after business hours.
  • If residents choose to contact a snake removalist independently without going through Council, residents will be responsible for any cost incurred.

Wyndham City will not send a snake catcher in the following circumstances if:

  • The premises is industrial or commercial
  • The location of the snake is unknown
  • The snake was last sighted 30 minutes before the call
  • The property is unattended
  • The call is for a property where the resident/occupier is not at home
  • The snake is in open public space e.g. along the Werribee River and there is no immediate threat to the community.
  • Snakes in wetlands – it is illegal to remove snakes from their natural habitat.
  • Bluetongue lizards.
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