The Victorian Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Service is a free universal primary health service available for all Victorian families with children from birth to school age. The MCH Service consists of three components:  the Universal MCH program, the Enhanced MCH program and the 24-hour MCH Line.

The Maternal and Child Health Service is designed to give parents support, advice and information about child and family health issues and monitor growth, health, development and behaviour in infants and young children. The service provides a comprehensive and focused approach to the promotion of physical, emotional and social health and wellbeing of families.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact Wyndham’s health teams and services. As such, Wyndham’s Maternal and Child Health (MCH) services are experiencing significant workforce pressures and shortages, combined with increased service demand.

Based on current workforce availability, Wyndham is providing MCH services for:

  • Youngest infants, children and families first
  • All Aboriginal infants, children and families
  • All children and families with additional needs or concerns, including families on the Enhanced Maternal and Child Health Program and those with COVID-19

Wyndham is also targeting services to children and families who have missed multiple Key Age and Stage visits due to changes in MCH service delivery arrangements.

Families with concerns about their child’s development and wellbeing or missed appointments are encouraged to contact Wyndham’s Child and Family Support team on 1300 370 567.

Alternative supports and information:

  • Contact an Optometrist for vision testing
  • Call the Maternal Child Health Line on 13 22 29.  The Line is staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week by qualified MCH Nurses and provides confidential support and advice about the care and health of your child (from birth to school age)
  • Contact your regular General Practitioner or other regular health professional
  • Download the free Maternal and Child Health app to access all your child’s health and Information on your mobile device
  • Sign up to the Play Learn Grown free text message program for parent and carers of children aged 2 and 3 and receive practical information and advice to support your child’s learning, development, health and wellbeing at home
  • Visit a SuperCare pharmacy which provides 24-hour, 7-day-a-week access to healthcare advice and pharmacy services, including a free, on-site nursing service from 6-10pm each night

List of Maternal & Child Health Services

Wyndham City provides Maternal and Child Health services from a number of centre locations across the municipality.

Find your local service

For further details call 1300 370 567.

Don't forget your 'green book'

When your baby was born, you should have received a copy of My Health, Learning and Development – green book. This book belongs to you and your baby and is full of information about early child development, and services and support.

Always take it with you when you visit your nurse, doctor’s surgery or dentist, and get health professionals to complete entries after each visit. It should also be used to record immunisations.

Each time you see your Maternal and Child Health nurse, jot down any issues or concerns and fill out the sections on your child’s growth and development. If you keep it up to date, it will become an important family record from birth to adolescence.

If you don’t have a ‘green book’, let your nurse know.

Your first contact with the service

Your first contact with the service: Due to increased demand, your first appointment with your MCH may be held at your local Maternal & Child Health Centre.

During this visit, the nurse will give you information about further visits.  If you are unable to travel, your MCH nurse will arrange an alternative.

After hours Maternal and Child Health Services

Victorian families can obtain extra support by calling the Maternal and Child Health Line on 13 22 29. This is a 24-hour telephone service staffed by qualified maternal and child health nurses.

The telephone line provides over-the-phone information, advice and referral to all families with young children.

Interpreters are available through the Translating Interpreter Service. Hearing and speech impaired callers can connect to the National Relay Service (NRS).

Maternal and Child Health App on your phone

Download the free Maternal and Child Health app to access all your child’s health and Informaiton on your mobile device.

Track your child’s growth and get reminders about upcoming Maternal and Child Health nurse appointments or immunisations.

Enhanced Maternal and Child Health Services

The Enhanced Maternal & Child Health Service is a more targeted service for families who may need some extra support, such as families with babies who were born prematurely or with a low birth weight, children with a disability or parents experiencing mental health issues.

Referrals for the enhanced service are made by your Maternal and Child Health Nurse.


    Breastfeeding Support

    We understand that breastfeeding can be extremely challenging for mother’s, so our fully trained Maternal and Child Health nurses, are here to help. They are able to provide reassurance, information and support as you overcome common hurdles.

    At the moment, Wyndham’s breastfeeding drop-in centre is closed due to COVID, however it has been transitioned to telephone consultations. If you would like to speak to one of our lactation consultants, who will be able to support you and answer any questions you might have, please call our Child and Family Support line on 1300 370 567 or complete the below form to arrange an appointment.

    Submit a Breastfeed Support Request

    Additional Breastfeeding support:

    • Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) Counselling Line – 1800 686 268
    • The Victorian Maternal & Child Health Line – 13 22 29
    • The hospital you gave birth at, if you’ve recently been discharged.

    Sleep and Settling Program

    Are you a parent looking for new ideas on settling your child?

    Wyndham City Council’s Child Family Health and Well-being Team are excited to announce that they are now offering a new FREE Sleep and Settling Program

    Learn about how your baby’s sleep changes over time and tips and strategies on how to settle your baby, as they grow and change.

    Now that we have your interest, please click the age group and to book into one of our Sleep and Settling Sessions.

    Find out more

    Baby Bundle

    From July 2019, the Victorian Government has provided first-time parents and carers with a bundle of nursery essentials containing key parenting information and resources to support the health, development and wellbeing of their babies.

    Hospitals and Maternal and Child Health (MCH) services play a vital role to present the baby bundle to eligible families. Baby bundles will be provided in hospitals at the time of birth. First-time parents who give birth interstate or overseas, but who live in Victoria, may ask their Maternal and Child Health nurse to provide them with one.

    What is in the baby bundle?

    The content will include:

    • Four picture books by Victorian authors
    • A nappy bag to hold the products
    • A growsuit
    • A safe sleeping bag
    • Muslin wrap
    • A teething toy
    • A first-aid kid
    • A baby sun hat
    • A toothbrush
    • Emergency contacts and information on safe sleeping and wrapping
    • Parenting information from the Raising Children Network and Kidsafe

    Who can receive the baby bundle?

    You are eligible for a baby bundle if:

    • You are a first-time family with a first baby is born during or after July 2019; OR;
    • You are a first time foster or adoptive carer with a baby up to three months of age

    A baby bundle is available for each baby: families with twins will be eligible for 2 baby bundles; triplets for 3 and so on.

    Families are not eligible for a Victorian Government baby bundle if:

    • Neither parent/carer lives in Victoria
    • The child was born prior to July 2019.

    If you did not receive your baby bundle and believe you are eligible, please complete the below form.

    Baby Bundle Request


    The Ready, Steady... Family!

    The Ready, Steady... Family! program offers all parents (including Mums, Dads, solo parents and carers) support, information, practical help and fun activities during pregnancy and the first 12 months of parenthood.

    When parents feel happy and mentally and physically healthy – children benefit significantly.

    If you are feeling worried or down or stressed about any aspect of adjusting to being a parent, give Drummond Street Services a call. The team will explain what Ready, Steady ... Family! can offer you, including:

    • PARENT SUPPORT – reassuring parenting coaches who can use ZOOM, phone calls, face to face (sometimes in your home) to support and advise you
    • GROUPS – learn skills, make connections and attend Musical Fun for Bubs, Circle of Security, Understanding Baby’s cues, Dads Groups and one-on-one chats with a Fathering or Grandparenting worker
    • COUNSELLING via ZOOM or phone to address any worries you may have
    • HELP solving relationship problems that may pop up during this challenging time
    • A 6–10 SESSION ZOOM COURSE in cooperative parenting called Family Foundations
    • LINKS to other local services that you may need

    No referrals needed. Simply call 9663 6733, email or visit the website for more information:

    Play Learn Grow - Free text message program for parents

    Play Learn Grow is a free text message program to help parents and carers of two and three-year-old children to support their child’s wellbeing, learning and development at home.

    From March 28 2022, registered participants will receive three personalised text messages per week over a 24-week period containing practical information, tips, support and easy activity ideas to do to strengthen the home learning environment. From late April 2022, Play Learn Grow will be available in Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Karen and Simplified Chinese.

    The program is delivered in partnership with Parenting Research Centre and Centre for Community Child Health and builds on positive feedback from a successful Victorian trial delivered to 14,000 participants in 2020.

    Play Learn Grow complements existing supports provided by Maternal Child Health by sending families gentle reminders of things they can do to provide a positive home learning environment. Messages are underpinned by the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and take a strength-based approach to themes including:

    • language skills and talking to your child

    • the value of play-based learning

    • engaging in interactive reading

    • supporting your child’s social skills and emotional resilience; and

    • looking after yourself as a parent.

    Play Learn Grow operates on an opt-in basis. To sign up, please text ‘Play’ to 0428 606 027 or by visiting the Play Learn Grow website

    Other Support Services

    Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages

    All babies born in Victoria must be registered. To register your baby you need to contact the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

    Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages

    • Customer Service Centre: Ground floor, 595 Collins Street Melbourne (near Southern Cross Station)
    • Operating Hours: 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)
    • Phone: 1300 369 367
    • Post: GPO Box 2182, MELBOURNE VIC 3001
    • Birth Deaths Marriages website

    Others Useful Contacts

    • Maternal & Child Health Line – 24 Hours  13 22 29
    • Breastfeeding Helpline  1800 686 268 (1800 mum2mum)
    • Poisons Information Centre  13 11 26
    • Royal Children’s Hospital 9345 5522
    • Child Protection Crisis Line  13 12 78
    • Parent Line  13 22 89
    • Women’s Domestic Violence Crisis Service1800 015 188
    • Emergency – Police / Ambulance / Fire000
    • PANDA 1300 726 306, Monday – Friday 9am – 7:30pm. Website

    Useful Websites


    Family Support Services

    Postnatal Depression

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why go to see the MCH nurse?

    You don’t have to go to see the nurse, it is your choice. Most people do like to go for the reassurance that their baby or child is doing well or to ask for information or support about an issue. The nurse knows about services and things to do for families in Wyndham. You can also get information about immunisations and where to get them.

    The Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Service is a free health service for all Victorian families with children, from birth to school age.

    The service supports families in the areas of parenting, child health and development, family health and wellbeing and safety.

    What should I take when I go to see the nurse?

    For babies and children who aren’t toilet trained, a full change of clothes for them is a good idea, just in case. Also, a blanket for your baby to lie on and your ‘green book’ and a pen.

    What training does an MCH nurse have?

    Maternal and Child Health Nurses are registered nurses and midwives with additional qualifications in family and child health.

    What do I do if I am really worried about something?

    Parents and carers in need of urgent medical advice should seek medical attention and in the case of an emergency call 000 and ask for an ambulance.

    When your local Maternal and Child Health nurse is unavailable, you can call the Victorian Maternal and Child Health Line on 13 22 29. This is a 24-hour telephone service staffed by qualified Maternal and Child Health nurses. They will provide over-the-phone information, advice and referral to all families with young children. If you are happy for them to, they will also notify Council’s Maternal and Child Health team to let them know about the call, so that we can also contact you and provide further support.

    Telephone: 13 22 29

    Is there a way for me to track my child’s development and appointments?

    My Health, Learning and Development book, known as the ‘green book’ is a fantastic way to track your child’s development and you should always take it with you when you visit your nurse, doctor’s surgery or dentist and so that you can take notes to refer back to later.  Your child’s immunisations will also be recorded in this book.

    Another great option is the Maternal and Child Health App for your mobile phone. This free App is a resource your family can use every day for trusted information on child and maternal health. Features include, information on popular child health and development topics, click to call emergency contacts and prompts for upcoming MCH appointments.

    Interpreting services

    Interpreting services: If you need an interpreter, call TIS National on 131 450.
    If you are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment: you can call Council through the National Relay Service (NRS).

    • TTY users phone 133 677 then ask for 03 9742 0777.
    • Speak and Listen (speech-to-speech relay) users phone 1300 555 727 then ask for 03 9742 0777.
    • Internet relay users connect to the NRS and then ask for 03 9742 0777.
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