Wyndham City Arts & Culture creates and supports exceptional arts experiences and opportunities for its diverse community. Through our arts and culture programs we contribute to developing creative people, creative cities and vibrant places for people. 

Wyndham City Arts & Cultures supports the development of a rapidly developing and emerging creative and arts community for Wyndham and to provide points of access, participation and connection for the broader community by providing relevant and diverse arts experiences. We do this through:

  • Wyndham Art Gallery: through the delivery of a visual arts programs and exhibitions through a professionally delivered program that resonates, reflect and engages the community
  • Wyndham Cultural Centre: It's a place for art. For theatre. For you. So please join us and get ready to find your place.
  • Public Art: through the commissioning and management of public art to provide access, points of connection, pride and beauty in our public spaces
  • Public Programs: through programming workshops, events and community-based projects to provide points for active participation in the arts
  • Arts Development: programs to build and support and grow our emerging growing creative community / industries

Featured content

Wyndham Art Gallery

Wyndham Art Gallery is a council owned and run gallery. Over the last 11 years it has offered a curated program that reflects the diverse social and cultural character of Wyndham.....

Wyndham Cultural Centre

Wyndham Cultural Centre is the premier performing arts theatre and cultural events centre in Melbourne’s western suburbs with a capacity of 492 seats.

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Arts & Culture News

Captivating new exhibition

Wyndham Art Gallery is excited to announce the upcoming exhibition The uncanny and the magnificent by artist wãni toaishara in collaboration with Wominjeka Djeembana research Lab at Monash University.

MSO coming to the Cultural Centre

Wyndham Cultural Centre is delighted to welcome the musicians from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to perform great orchestral classics on Wednesday 15 March 2023 at 1pm.

Entertaining Shows for 2023

Wyndham City is delighted to announce the launch of the Wyndham Cultural Centre’s 2023 program.
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