1000 Books

Did you know that reading together is the best way to encourage a love of books in your child?

By reading with your child daily you can

  • increase their vocabulary
  • increase their understanding of themselves and others
  • provide them with the skills to be successful readers when they start school
  • share cuddles!


Reading 1000 books before school

1000 books looks like a lot, but if you read one book each day, you'll finish in less than three years. If you read three books per day, it will take less than one year to finish. And every book counts! Including:

  • A favourite book read multiple times
  • Stories shared at Playgroup, Day Care, or Kindergarten, and stories shared at Baby Time, Rhyme Time, and Story Time
  • Reading with another family member or friend
  • Listening to an audio book
  • Engaging with online stories 

Wyndham Libraries have a range of resources to support your participation in 1000 Books Before School. 

Download your reading records here:

Reading to Young Children: A Head-Start in Life

Want to know more about the benefits of reading aloud to your child? This research, from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, sets out to explore the connections between parents reading to their young children and their child’s later reading and other cognitive skills.

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Downloadable colouring sheets

Need a break from all that reading? We've also got some colouring sheets for your child here.

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