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Wyndham City Youth Services is committed to ensuring that all young people have the opportunity to participate and engage in the social, economic and cultural life of the city.

Council also aims to ensure that all young people have access to and benefit from a range of educational, social, cultural, recreational activities and facilities. Council works actively with young people, schools, universities and community organisations.

Wyndham’s overall vision for its youth population is to “value young people as vital contributors to community life, providing the opportunities and support that will enable them to realise their full potential as individuals and as active members of the Wyndham community”.

Vision, Mission, Our Goal and Values


Young people are engaged, empowered and connected, their diversity and contribution to community is acknowledged and celebrated.


Youth Services creates opportunities for Wyndham’s Young Community and their family to be engaged in programs,
services and events that celebrates and empowers young people to reach their full potential.

Our Goal

The Youth Services Unit will work in partnership with young people, their families, community members and service providers to create communities and infrastructure which is welcoming, respectful inclusive, supportive and safe for young people. We will work within the principles of social justice to advocate for, and empower young people to  develop positive pathways for their future.

Our Values

People are the centre of what we do.   When we talk about “people” we are referring to everyone that lives, visits, works, and plays in Wyndham.  We value teamwork and the relationships, and we chose to communicate openly and respectfully.

We embrace new ideas and better ways of working.  As a growth council it’s important that we continue to support others to growth and improve.  We will act with curiosity and ask questions.

We are accountable to each other and the community.  We will act with integrity, share our knowledge with others to achieve positive outcomes.

We create a safe and inclusive workplace.  We recognise that diversity and differences can make us stronger.

Wyndham Youth Survey Findings Report

The report summarises results from the 2022 Wyndham Youth Survey which was open to young people between the age of 12-25 years who either lived, worked, or socialised in Wyndham and three separately facilitated focus groups for youth from

 1) Māori and Pasifika communities 2) Horn of Africa 3) Southeast Asia.

While the survey does not fully represent all young people in Wyndham, it tells a story of the general sentiment of young people in Wyndham. We hope that the provided data is part of the voice of young people in Wyndham and considered as part of planning and service delivery considerations.

View the 2022 Youth Survey Findings Report

Youth Survey Report

Past Youth Service Events

20 years of the Youth Resource Centre

In 2023, Wyndham Youth Services celebrated 20 years of the Youth Resource Centre. Our young community joined to celebrate the many achievements of Youth Services along these 20 years.

20 years of youth services in this building is an achievement. The young community has chosen this place to recreate, learn and form friendships overs the years. Thanks to counselling services, food bank services, after-school engagements, countless creative programs, and cultural events, staff members have ensured quality amenities and helped families and individuals.

Youth Community Centres such as the YRC are guarded spaces where our youth can express their identity in a safe environment, develop themselves and form community thanks to our facilities and staff support.

Join the community and everything it has to offer. Be part of Wyndham Youth Services!

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Harmony Day

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