Residential Noise

The Environmental Protection Act 1970 makes it an offence to create unreasonable levels of noise at your residential property.  Residential noise may be unreasonable at any time of the day, depending on its volume, intensity, duration, time, place and other circumstances.

Check the EPA (Residential Noise) Regulations 1997 to find out the time when you can use specific types of equipment.

If your neighbour is creating unreasonable levels of noise approach them directly and work together to resolve the problem.  If talking to your neighbour does not resolve the issue, you can contact our Environmental Health Unit on 9742 0777, complete customer service request or contact the local police.

Depending on the type of pollution, our Environmental Health Unit may be able to assist directly or can refer the matter to the appropriate agency.

Odour Pollution

If there is excessive odour coming from a residential property in Wyndham you need to call Customer Service on 9742 0777 and report the issue. Our Environmental Health Officer will need to observe the emissions for further action to be pursued. The Environmental Health Officer will investigate matters considered to be unreasonable and will endeavour to resolve this issue.

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