We are committed to making the permit process as easy as possible for new and growing businesses. Whether you are purchasing a new business or buying an existing business, it’s likely you will need a permit to operate – some businesses may even need more than one permit. Use this page if you are applying for a new small business within Wyndham.

How to Apply

1. Complete an application form and submit it to us.

3. Once you submit an application to us, it will be sent to a Small Business Support Officer who will review your documents and advise if we need further information. This step can be delayed if we don't get all the information we need, that’s why it’s important to make sure you return the information we need as quickly as possible so we can process your application. Submission instructions are available within the form applicable to you.

4. An invoice will be processed and sent out to you for payment. Once you pay, it will be allocated out to an Environmental Health Officer who will contact you to arrange an inspection.

5. If your premises is compliant at inspection, your business will be registered under the relevant Act until the expiry date.


Once you get all your permits, Council’s Economic Development Unit can help you grow and develop your business. 

We will add you to our Business Matters in Wyndham e-newsletter and send you links to our online Business Directory and local Business Groups.

If you would like information on the business training, email us on business@wyndham.vic.gov.au.

Further information

Before you submit your application, you can submit an optional Small Business Enquiry to check what permits are required from you within Council.

Begin your Small Business Enquiry

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