A weed is an unwanted plant that requires control action to reduce its impact on agriculture and the environment. There are some weeds that are a greater threat than others. These high threat weeds can tolerate a wide variety of environmental conditions, have low nutritional feed value for livestock and produce high quantities of seed which can be easily transported via wind, water, animals, soil and/or machinery.

Wyndham City is committed to controlling and reducing the spread of invasive weeds. We do this by providing incentive and educational programs to help landowners control weeds on their property.  Wyndham City also controls weeds on land that it owns and manages, including rural roadsides.

To help you identify and control weeds we have developed a guide to rural weeds in Wyndham.  You could also visit the Australian Government Weed Management Guides for assistance.

For further information about incentives and programs contact Wyndham City on 1300 023 411.

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