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Recently Returned S03E02 Graphic Novels

Featured episode: Graphic Novels

In this episode librarians Kirsty, Margaret, and Troy recommend some graphic novels filled with adventure, emotion and beautiful artwork.

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Season Three

Season 3, Episode 1: Memoir & Biography 2.0

In this episode of the Recently Returned Podcast, librarians Kirsty, Emily, and Paulina discuss books which range from epic historical biographies to small, intimate portraits of life.

Recently Returned S03E01 Transcript

Recently Returned S03E01 Booklist

Season Two: Summer Series

S02E01 Summer Series: Anita

S02E02 Summer Series: Gary

S02E03 Summer Series: Jenny

S02E04 Summer Series: Paulina

S02E05 Summer Series: Emily

S02E06 Summer Series: Viv

S02E07 Summer Series: Eva

S02E08 Summer Series: Elizabeth

S02E09 Summer Series: Fariha

S02E10 Summer Series: Kirsty

Season One

S01E01: Pilot - Live with the Librarians - Autumn 2019


S01E02: Horror Literature


S01E03: Live with the Librarians - Summer 2019


S01E04: Midsumma - LGBTQIA+ Literature


S01E05: Isolation Edition


S01E06: In Conversation with Marcus Riley


S01E07: Romance Books


S01E08: Biography and Memoir


S01E09: Science Fiction


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