Resources - for Volunteer Involving Organisations

There are many resources and guides available for organisations who have volunteer opportunities. We have listed some helpful links to assist you with managing volunteers and running your organisation.

  • Volunteering Resource Hub is an initiative of Volunteering Australia. It includes a ‘quick guide to volunteer management’ with an introduction to key topics in volunteer involvement. Each section contains links to further resources housed in the Volunteering Resource Hub. Explore resources by National Standard.
  • The National Standards for Volunteer Involvement provide a sound framework for supporting the volunteer sector in Australia. They provide good practice guidance and benchmarks to help organisations attract, manage and retain volunteers; and help manage risk and safety in their work with volunteers.
  • Volunteering Victoria’s resources on ‘leading volunteers’, includes a volunteer management toolkit, animated guides and information on insurance.
  • Justice Connect Not for Profit Law have developed resources on recruiting volunteers; a national volunteer guide with useful templates; national volunteer webinars; managing volunteers ‘video’; and a national volunteer app.
  • Learn how to become incorporated by watching these videos by Consumer Affairs Victoria.
  • Volunteer West is a volunteer resource centre covering the six local government areas in the West of Melbourne. Volunteer West’s focus is inclusive volunteering experiences that sustain personal well-being and build community resilience. They provide support, training and resources to community-based organisations in the region.
  • Wyndham Volunteer Directory – list your volunteer opportunities on the Wyndham Volunteer Directory and allow potential volunteers to contact you direct.
  • Inclusive Volunteering – build the capacity of the community and volunteer involving organisations to actively involve and engage with people with disabilities.
  • State of Volunteering Report – read Volunteering Victoria’s State of Volunteering Report to discover the value of Victoria’s 2.3 million volunteers.
  • The Wyndham Volunteer Manager Network is a group of community groups and organisations who manage volunteers and come together on a quarterly basis for networking, training and sharing of ideas.  If you are interested in joining, please email
  • The Wyndham Volunteering Strategy 2019-2024 sets out the strategies and actions that Council will undertake, in partnership with others, to strengthen the local volunteering sector and increase the numbers of volunteers in Wyndham.
  • Volunteering Australia have a number of different information sheets outlining key facts, statistics, policy stances or common language used in the volunteering sector.
  • Victorian Volunteer Strategy 2022-2027 outlines a plan to improve support for volunteers and strengthen the volunteering sector.
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