Wyndham Disability Services Network

Are you a service provider working with people with disability? Do you want to connect with other services in Wyndham? Join the Wyndham Disability Services Network.

The Wyndham Disability Services Network (WDSN) is an organisations’ network aiming to:

  • make connections with and for people with disability
  • provide peer support and information sharing to members
  • work towards the promotion of community access and inclusion for people with disability
  • connect members for collaborative activities on local projects and activities
  • provide a collaborative advocacy response to relevant issues
  • share information around changes in disability legislation, available services and funding

The network has been instrumental in hosting the Wyndham NDIS Expo in June 2018 which was attended by over 1400 people and events like International Day of People with Disability which was a collaborative event hosted by Wyndham City and WDSN.

WDSN Meetings


Meetings will be held online or in person every second month on Thursdays on the following dates 10am - 11.30am:

  • Thursday 19 October
  • Thursday 7 December

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Wyndham Disability Services Network - Terms of Reference (October 2021)


The Wyndham Disability Services Network (the Network) aims to improve information sharing and linking support groups, services and disability organisations in Wyndham.

The network was originally established to link support groups, and became a source for organising local events. Service providers and organisations are now the majority of members on the network and there are a number of Wyndham City council officers that attend from time to time.

Aims of the Network

  • To make connections with and for people with disability;
  • To provide peer support to members;
  • To work towards the promotion of community access and inclusion for people with disability;
  • To connect members for collaborative activities on local projects and activities;
  • To provide a collaborative advocacy response to relevant issues; and
  • Share information around changes in disability legislation, available services and funding.
  • Continue relationship with Brotherhood of St Laurence as they deliver NDIS through Local Area Coordination and Early Childhood Early Intervention services.


Values of the Network

The Network values the contribution people with a disability make to the Wyndham community. Network members ascribe to the following values:

  • The rights of people living with disability;
  • Social inclusion, justice and equality;
  • Mutual respect; and
  • Bringing value to the table.

Each member of the Network will be:

  • Treated with respect and integrity;
  • Able to speak openly and honestly;
  • Have their opinions valued; and
  • Be able to raise any issues concerns or achievements that relate to the aims of the Network.

Membership of the Network

Any person with responsibility or interest in promoting a whole of life approach to access and inclusion of people living with disability in Wyndham is eligible to become a Network member. This includes individuals, organisational representatives and people who work in a paid or voluntary position.



  • Bimonthly meetings are held on Thursdays of the scheduled month, where possible;
  • Meetings are for one and a half hours in duration between 10am – 11.30am; and
  • Members are welcome to arrive and leave as needed for meetings.

It is recognised that many members are challenged by time commitments, volunteering, and the timing of meetings. Therefore minutes and related documents will be circulated before and after the meetings. Members will be invited to nominate agenda items, submit ideas, information and propose projects.

Meetings will not be cancelled in advance in the event of low responses for attendance. The group on the day will determine whether the meeting proceeds.

Role of Wyndham City

Wyndham City staff will:

  • Be the first point of contact for people applying to join the Network and supply Network information to eligible people;
  • Organise the facilitation of the Network meetings; and
  • Work with members to develop the agenda content for meetings.

Wyndham City staff will chair the Network meetings and provide administrative support.

Role of Members

Members will:

  • Contribute to the development of the agendas for meetings;
  • Participate in the decision making processes of the Network;
  • Work with other members on projects; and
  • Facilitate promotion of relevant Network information with organisational contacts (with interest in Wyndham).

If a member is unable to attend a meeting, consideration must be given to nominate another person from their organisation to attend in their absence.

Decision Making Process

The Network will make decisions on a consensus basis. Where this is not possible, differing perspectives will be recorded in the minutes.

It is recognised that not all members will be able to attend all meetings. If there is additional information or perspectives that need to be considered in relation to a minuted issue, action or concern, members are asked to contact Wyndham City staff.

Some decisions and activities will be advanced over email and at separate meetings.


The Agenda may be varied from time to time but will contain the following elements:

  • Information sharing and updates by members;
  • Opportunities for members to raise issues;
  • Reports from any working groups.

If a member is absent for a meeting and wishes to have a specific issue placed on the Agenda, they should contact Wyndham City staff before the meeting.

Communication with Members

Network communication must be effective and use available technology in order to support members.

The process to circulate information between members outside of meetings is to be considered by the membership and reviewed as required.

Working Groups

Network Working groups will be established as needed and must be time-limited and action oriented. Each working group will have a convenor that will be responsible for reporting to Network meetings.

Review of Terms of Reference

These Terms of Reference will be reviewed biannually. The next review is due in October 2023.

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