To ensure adequate environmental management procedures are followed during construction works, Wyndham City requires all projects in Wyndham to prepare and implement a Site Environmental Management Plan (SEMP).  The SEMP must be stamped and approved by Wyndham City Council before works can commence.

Wyndham City has now introduced a SEMP Submission Form which must be completed and submitted online, along with the SEMP for review. 

All SEMP applications must be submitted via the online form.

The standard SEMP template must be used in conjunction with our Guidelines and Standards manual.

Additional guidance on preparing and implementing an effective SEMP can be found in the Fact Sheet.

For further information, please contact the Environment Team, on 1300 023 411.


Important points in the process

  1. Wyndham City Council requires an SEMP at the following stages of these applications:
    • Subdivision – first submission of construction phase
    • Road Opening Permit – with the road opening permit application
    • Landscaping plans – first submission of landscape plans
    • All other construction works that may impact on the environment – prior to finalising the plan of works
  2. For landscaping and subdivision, the final approval of the SEMP must occur prior to the Council pre-commencement meeting.
  3. Wyndham City Council aims to respond to SEMP submissions within 10 business days. We cannot guarantee SEMP approval on first submission so please allow adequate time for assessment prior to your intended work commencement date.
  4. Approved SEMPs must be installed on site at the time of the pre-commencement meeting.
  5. Implementation of the approved SEMP is required at all times.
  6. Council undertakes site inspections and SEMP compliance checks in conjunction with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA). If non compliance is identified it may result in directions to comply or enforcement action where required. Council’s site inspection checklist can be found here.

Guidelines, Regulations & Legislation

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