To ensure adequate environmental management procedures are followed during construction works, Wyndham City requires all projects in Wyndham to prepare and implement a Site Environmental Management Plan (SEMP).  The Site Environmental Management Plan you prepare must meet Wyndham City's requirements.

The SEMP procedure assists all developers comply with their statutory responsibilities and align with the Wyndham Quality Community Plan and Wyndham City Council's City Plan, Environment and Sustainability Strategy and our Subdivision Guidelines.

Wyndham City's standard SEMP template must be used in conjunction with our guidelines and standards manual.

Important points in the process

Important points in the new SEMP process are:

  1. Wyndham City Council requires an SEMP at the following stages of these applications:
    • Subdivision – first submission of construction phase
    • Road Opening Permit – with the road opening permit application
    • Landscaping plans – first submission of landscape plans
    • All other works where an SEMP is required as a Planning Permit Condition
  2. For landscaping and subdivision, the final approval of the SEMP must occur prior to the pre-commencement meetings.
  3. At the time of submitting a SEMP (only for subdivision and landscape projects) information that is not available can be highlighted and left blank. The final SEMP with all the required information must be approved by Wyndham City prior to the pre-commencement meeting.
  4. Wyndham City commits to a 10-day response time for SEMP submissions.
  5. The Melbourne Water SEMP template or all SEMP submissions with information according to Wyndham City SEMP guidelines and standards manual.
  6. Approved SEMPs must be installed on site at the time of the pre-commencement meeting in place for its duration.
  7. Implementation of the approved SEMP is required at all times.

Guidelines, Regulations & Legislation

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