Wyndham City is committed to increasing its level of sustainable procurement in order to minimise the environmental impact it has through its purchase of goods and services. It also plays a key role in achieving Council’s water, energy and waste reduction targets.

  • Conducts annual sustainable purchasing reporting through Eco-Buy. Total spend on environmentally preferable products and services for the 2014/2015 financial year was $6,496,000. Examples of these environmentally preferable products can include recycled paper or energy efficient light globes.
  • Wyndham City has increased sustainable procurement by 3.05% since the 2013-2014 financial year.
  • Sustainable procurement spend overall was 5.01% of total available expenditure. In comparison, the average of other reporting Australian Councils was 3.4%, indicating that Wyndham City is above average for sustainable procurement.
  • The purchase of recycled content asphalt, compost, paper and mobile garbage bins have contributed to environmental savings of 794 megalitres of water, 2.9 hectares of land and 622 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.
  • Wyndham has developed the Sustainable Purchasing Action Plan 2015-2016 to outline how it will achieve its sustainable procurement targets.
  • To improve sustainable procurement performance in the future, Wyndham City is rolling out a number of new initiatives to improve education, monitoring and reporting. Some actions include providing training for staff, the provision of a Wyndham City Sustainable Procurement Guide and targeting upcoming projects to improve sustainability outcomes.
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