COVID-19 Residential Rates Deferral

Wyndham City Council recognises that some residential rate payers or their tenants may have suffered from the loss of employment or a reduction in income as a result of COVID-19.

Shared Pop-Up Zone

Let’s Share is a pop-up shared zone that has re-purposed part of the Greaves St South Werribee Road to create a 3km for cycling, walking and scooting while socially distancing.

2020/21 Local roads program

Improving local roads is one of the key priorities of the 2020/21 Council budget, and over the coming year Wyndham City will invest $11.75 million to resurface and reconstruct various local roads t

Active Transport Network

Wyndham City wants to encourage residents to ditch their cars and make more trips by foot or bike under an ambitious plan to make Wyndham the active transport leader of Victoria.

Latest news

Blink Comes To Werribee Park

For eleven nights in December, Werribee Park will be transformed with a new immersive experience, BLINK.
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