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NOTE: The online application form must be completed by a doctor

When you make an appointment with your doctor, tell the medical clinic that you want the doctor to apply online for a disability parking permit for you so enough time can be scheduled for your appointment. The online form should take around 5-10 minutes to complete.

If you can't register online, you can print and fill in the Disability Parking Permit Application Form.

The Disabled Persons Parking Scheme is a state-wide scheme designed to help those people who need either extra space to get in or out of their vehicle or extra time to carry out activities.

Types of Disability Parking Permits

A Disability Parking Permit is valid for 5 years.

Disability Parking Permit - Blue

Category 1 – Wide Space (blue)

Who can apply?

To be eligible for a Category 1 permit:

  • You must be a permanent resident of Wyndham, and
  • A doctor must confirm that you have a temporary or permanent disability which means you need either extra space to get in or out of your vehicle or extra time to carry out activities. See FAQs below for more details on eligibility.

Parking Allowance

With a Category 1 permit, you can:

  • Use blue disabled parking bays
  • Park in a timed normal parking area for twice the allowed time (but, for paid parking, you must pay for the original time).

Disability Parking Permit - Green

Category 2 – Double time (green)

Who can apply?

To be eligible for a Category 2 permit,

  • You must be a permanent resident of Wyndham, and
  • A doctor must confirm that you have a disability or illness which does not affect your ability to walk, but you require rest breaks when continuous walking is needed.

Parking allowance

With a Category 2 permit, you can park for twice the allowed time but you cannot park in spaces signed as disabled parking areas.

Sub categories

Within the categories 1 or 2, Councils may issue permits as follows:

  • Code A: For a driver or passenger who is eligible
  • Code B: For a passenger who is eligible
  • Code C: For organisations transporting people with a disability
  • Code D: For a temporary permit

Temporary Disability Parking Permit

A temporary Disability Parking Permit will be issued if a doctor confirms that you have a disability which is not permanent but will probably not improve in 6 months.

Organisational Disability Parking Permits

Organisations transporting people who meet the eligibility rules need to complete a separate Disabled Permit Application for a Business.

Eligible organisations will get a permit for 12 months.

Displaying your permit

The permit must only be displayed when the vehicle is being used to transport the permit holder.

The permit must be clearly displayed so the permit number and expiry date can be seen from outside the vehicle.

When you are not using your permit, you should keep it out of sunlight and keep it in your glove box.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specific eligibility requirements?

To be eligible for a Disability Parking Permit a doctor must confirm that you have:

  • a significant ambulatory disability and you cannot access a vehicle in an ordinary parking bay, or you need to use a complex walking aid (an aid which has more than one contact point with the ground) that prevents access to a vehicle in an ordinary parking bay
  • You have either an acute or chronic illness in which minimal walking may endanger their health, or
  • You are an extreme danger to yourself and others in a public place without assistance by a carer.

Can my application for a permit be refused?

If Wyndham City refuses your application, we will give reasons for our decision in writing and reconsider your application if you ask for a second opinion from another doctor.

How do I renew my permit?

Wyndham City will send you a renewal form in the mail about 3-4 weeks before your current permit expires.

If you haven't received your renewal form, you can download a Renewal Form or get one at the front counter of the Civic Centre at 45 Princes Highway, Werribee.

You must complete and submit the renewal form. A new permit will be mailed to you within 7 business days.

The permit is valid for a further 5 years.

Renewing a Temporary permit (Category 1 or 2)

If you have a temporary disability permit you will not be sent a renewal form. If you still require a disabled persons’ parking permit you will need to reapply and have your doctor  complete a new application. Wyndham City will review your application and if it is approved a new permit will be sent to you by mail.

Organisational Disability Parking Permit

You will have at least 7 working days before your permit expires. You will need to complete a renewal application and return it to Wyndham City. We will then send out the new permit to you in the mail.

Please Note: Expired permits must be returned to Wyndham City.

How do I replace a lost, stolen or damaged permit?

If your permit is lost, stolen or damaged or otherwise  not able to be used, the permit holder or their representative must complete and submit a Honorary Declaration telling us why the permit needs to be replaced.

The replacement permit can be collected at the Civic Centre counter or mailed to you within the next working day if you are unable to wait.

Can my permit be cancelled?

A permit is automatically cancelled after it expires and may be cancelled at any time if it is deliberately misused or breaks any of the ‘Conditions of Use’ (see below). Fines may be issued if a permit is misused.

Where is parking not allowed?

Parking is not allowed in locations such as:

  • Clearways
  • No Stopping
  • No Parking Areas
  • Taxi Only Areas
  • Bus Zones
  • Red signed areas
  • Authorised Resident Areas.

I am from interstate, can I use my Disability Parking Permit?

Yes, you may use your current interstate Disability Parking Permit but you should check with any local authorities to find out if there are specific rules. Permit holders from interstate displaying the Australian Disability Parking Permit or the Queensland ‘red permit’ will be recognised in Victoria.

I am travelling interstate, can I use my Disability Parking Permit?

Victorian Disability Parking Permits are recognised in all Australian states and territories. Parking allowances may be different in other states and territories so you should check the rules that  apply in the state or territory you will be visiting.

Can I use my temporary permit in other states?

Your temporary permit can be used throughout Australia, subject to local regulations being followed in states and territories.

I am a visitor from overseas, can I use my Disability Parking Permit?

VicRoads no longer issues international visitors with a temporary disabled parking permits. 

Provided it is current and valid, overseas disabled parking permits holders may park in reserved disabled parking spaces displaying the International Symbol of Access.

Overseas visitors are advised to bring their current permit with them when travelling to Victoria.

What are the Conditions of use?

A permit is not valid if:

  • It has expired
  • It is not clearly displayed in the windscreen so that the expiry date and permit number can be seen from outside the vehicle
  • Your eligibility for the permit has changed

Request for information

When asked by an Authorised Officer, a driver using the permit must:

  • State their name and address
  • Show their driver license
  • Show the relevant valid disabled persons’ parking permit
  • Show proof that they or a passenger in the vehicle is the permit holder; and remove the vehicle from the reserved place, if the officer determines that the permit is not valid or that there is not enough proof that the driver or passenger of the vehicle is the permit holder
  • A driver using the permit must either be the permit holder or must be parking the vehicle for the convenience of the permit holder who needs to get into or out of the vehicle

The permit remains the property of Wyndham City and must be returned within 7 days of notification the following:

  • A person may only have 1 permit
  • An organisation may hold more than one (1) permit but must justify in writing to Wyndham City the number of permits required or any increase in the number permits required
  • An organisation may also hold a trip specific permit
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