What is the Planning Committee?

The Planning Committee was established by Council as a delegated committee to consider planning matters.

The Committee has delegated authority to exercise Council’s power to assess and determine planning permit applications referred to it, as well as strategic planning matters.

The Committee is comprised of all Councillors, who will determine the planning application.

Meetings are held monthly, and the agenda is made available online.

Submissions to the Planning Committee

An opportunity to make a submission to the Committee is available to all parties to each planning application. 

Parties will be required to register their intention to present to the Committee no later than 1 week prior to the meeting. 

A maximum of 5 minutes per submissions will be allowed to enable all parties an opportunity to be heard.

Information will be provided to all parties advising of the date of the meeting and the process for registering their intent to make a submission.

RSVP - Planning Committee

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