Wyndham’s rural areas, and the biodiversity supported within them, are constantly under threat from highly invasive weeds and pest animals such as rabbits. To help address these threats, Wyndham City provides financial assistance and land management advice to rural landowners through the Land Protection Grant Scheme.

The aim of the Scheme is to equip landowners with the knowledge and incentive they require to implement sustainable land management practices and ensure biodiversity can thrive on their property.  The Scheme is eligible to properties over four hectares in size and located in dry-land agricultural farming areas outside the Urban Growth Boundary.

Land management activities funded include weed and rabbit control, fencing of native vegetation and revegetation using native plant species. Landowners may choose to undertake weed control works themselves and receive a financial incentive of between $50 and $100 per hectare; or works can be undertaken by experienced contractors in which landowners are required to contribute 25% of costs, with Wyndham City providing the remaining 75%.

The program is ongoing and applications can be completed online. After applications have been received, Council officers visit participating properties to discuss grant options with the landowner. 

Following the initial site visit, landowners who choose to undertake their own works receive a weed management plan outlining which weed species to target and goals for reduction; while landowners who choose the contractor option are visited by one or more qualified contractors who provide quotes, the most competitive winning the work. Works are only undertaken once all parties have signed agreements defining work standards to be attained. 

Lodge a Land Protection Grant Scheme application form

For further information contact Wyndham City on 1300 023 411.


Equiculture (short for equine permaculture) is a holistic horse property management program that promotes sustainable farm and pasture management techniques designed with your horse’s welfare and natural behaviour in mind.

Read more about Equiculture and educational programs here: https://www.equiculture.net/

Wyndham City has partnered up with Melbourne Water to offer a subsidised Equiculture course for horse owners of Wyndham. Please fill out the survey below, once accepted you will be contacted by Wyndham’s Environment Projects Officer with a discount code.

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