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Each branch has books, DVDs and magazines for their local community, in a variety of community languages. You can place a hold on any item to pick it up at your chosen branch.

It you would like to borrow items in a different community language, please make a suggestion.


New! We've added Chinese and Hindi titles to our eLibrary collection!

Chinese eBooks now available

Chinese collection

Hindi eBooks now available

Hindi collection

You can borrow these items through BorrowBox - use your library card and password to check them out on your phone or computer. See our eLibrary page for more about BorrowBox.

Book & DVD collections

  • Arabic – Held at Tarneit and Hoppers Crossing
  • Chinese – Held at Point Cook and Hoppers Crossing (with Chinese DVDs also held at Point Cook and Hoppers Crossing)
  • Gujarati – Held at Tarneit
  • Hindi – Held at Hoppers Crossing, Manor Lakes, Point Cook and Tarneit (with Hindi DVDs also held at Tarneit)
  • Italian – Held at Hoppers Crossing
  • Panjabi – Held at Hoppers Crossing, Manor Lakes and Tarneit (with Panjabi DVDs also held at Tarneit)
  • Spanish – Held at Hoppers Crossing
  • Urdu – Held at Tarneit

Indian Magazines

  • Charhdikala (Punjabi): held at Tarneit
  • Femina: held at Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook and Manor Lakes
  • Filmfare: held at Point Cook
  • Ghar Shingar (Punjabi): held at Tarneit
  • India Today (English edition): held at Point Cook and Tarneit
  • Kalki (Tamil): held at Tarneit
  • Mangayar malar (Tamil): held at Tarneit
  • Saras Salil (Gujarati): held at Tarneit
  • Sarita (Hindi): held at Point Cook, Tarneit and Manor Lakes
  • Stardust: held at Hoppers Crossing and Manor Lakes
  • Vanitha (Malayalam): held at Tarneit
  • Woman's era: held at Tarneit

Chinese Magazines

  • 贝太厨房 Betty's kitchen = Bei tai chu fang: held at Point Cook
  • 知音海外 Bosom Friend = Zhi Yin: held at Point Cook
  • 家庭Family = Jia ting: held at Hoppers Crossing and Point Cook
  • 收获 Harvest = Shou huo: held at Point Cook
  • 女友家园 Love = Nu you. Jia yuan ban: held at Point Cook and Tarneit
  • 华夏地理 National Geographic (Chinese edition): held at Point Cook (new subscription 2020)
  • 瑞丽 Ruili = Rayli: Held at Point Cook and Tarneit
  • 新民周刊 XinMin Weekly = Xin min zhou kan: held at Point Cook

Bilingual Picture Books

A variety of bilingual picture books

Bilingual Picture Books are held in a variety of languages at all branches. Discover stories in these languages:

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