VicSmart is a simple and fast permit process for straightforward, low-impact planning applications.

The VicSmart process involves four simple steps:

  1. Prepare: check the planning scheme, discuss your proposal with Wyndham City, pick up checklists and any other information
  2. Submit: submit the application to the Wyndham City with all the required information
  3. Assess: a Wyndham City officer will assess the application against pre-set criteria
  4. Decide: a Wyndham City officer approves or refuses the application within ten business days

VicSmart applications are not subject to public notification. There will be no ability for the public to object or appeal Wyndham City's decision pursuant to Clause 91 of the Wyndham Planning Scheme.

What qualifies your application for the VicSmart permit process?

You can use VicSmart website to apply for the following:

You can check if your proposal qualifies to be submitted as a VicSmart application.

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