Discover the excitement of learning at Wyndham City Libraries. Our libraries are vibrant and dynamic spaces for people of all ages to enjoy and share. There is something for everyone! Wyndham City Libraries are free to join and open to all ages. You can join online or at any of our locations, even at the Pop-up Library Van.

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Membership types

Anyone in Victoria can join online anytime for an eLibrary membership. This includes access to all our online resources. Your eLibrary membership will be approved in 30 minutes. 

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If you want to borrow physical items or use our computers, you will need to visit a library location and upgrade your eLibrary membership:

If you’re 15 or over you can join as an Adult member. Membership includes 60 loans at a time, elibrary access, and use of library computers. Proof of address is required.

If you’re a parent who would like to join their child you can sign them up for an Under 15 membership. Membership includes 60 items at a time, and with your consent, internet access. No one is too young to join the library – even a newborn can have a library card!

If you’re under 15 and accompanied by a guardian, you can join as an Under 15 member. Membership includes 60 items at a time, internet access with guardian’s permission. Your guardian will need to provide proof of address.

If you are travelling, or an independent young person between 12-15, you can join as a Visitor. Membership includes 5 items at a time and internet access.

If you are unable to come to the library due to illness or disability, you may be eligible to join as a Home Library Service member. We will select resources to meet your interests and a friendly volunteer will deliver to you once a month. See our Home Library Service page for more information.

Digital Library Cards

You can add your library card to your digital wallet on your smartphone, so that you never forget to bring your card with you!

You'll need your existing library card number and password/PIN to set this up.

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Borrowing items

Wyndham City Libraries has over 230,000 items including books, magazines, talking books, DVDs, sheet music, large print books and book club kits, in English and other Community Languages. Our eLibrary collection includes eBooks, eAudio, streaming video, comics, music and games. Our Seed Library concentrates on edible and native plants.

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All library items are free to borrow.

If an item is returned damaged, or not returned at all, fees may be charged to replace it. We do not have overdue charges! If you have an overdue item on your account, you won't be able to borrow until that is returned.

DVDs rated MA-15 or R may only be borrowed by an adult member, and book club kits can only be borrowed by a book club. You can find out more about book clubs here.

You can borrow items from any location and return to any location - there's no need to bring them back to the specific place you borrowed from. Our branches all have return chutes that can be used out of hours, as well.

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How long can we borrow items for?

Most physical items (books, talking books and DVDs) you can borrow for four weeks. Magazines are for two weeks; book club kits are for 6 weeks. If we can, we will renew the item for you, up to three times.

eLibrary items, including eAudiobooks, eBooks and eMagazines have different loan periods depending on the service you use to access them; when the loan period expires the item will return itself and should be deleted from your device.

Most material will be renewed automatically, if possible, up to three times. Items cannot be renewed if another library member is waiting for them, or if you have an overdue item. You can also call us to renew items, or come into a library, or do it online.

To renew online you will need to know your account PIN/password and library card barcode number to log in. If you don't know your account PIN, or would like to set one up, please call (03) 8734 8999.

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Looking for something we don't have in the library?

To suggest an item for our collection, 'Make a Purchase Request' via our catalogue. See more about suggesting items for our collection here.

Organisational Memberships

Organisations in Wyndham which provide direct service to children, the aged and people with disabilities (such as nursing homes, schools, kindergartens and childcare centres) are eligible for membership. Organisational memberships are valid for one year. To find out more about Organisational memberships, please contact the Education Librarian at your closest branch.

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