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The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Chris Riddell

Sleeper and the Spindle Cover

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In this mesmerising tale, Neil Gaiman uses his masterful storytelling skills to combine the tales of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty and rework them for a modern audience. This story carries an important message about female agency and having the power to choose your own path.

The plot follows a young queen and her three dwarf companions who embark on a quest to save the kingdom from a mysterious sleeping sickness, which is spreading through the realm. The illustrations by Chris Riddell are absolutely captivating and will have you staring at them for hours. It is no surprise that this book won the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal in 2016, which recognises distinguished illustration in a book for children.

This is an enchanting book that fantasy readers both young and old will adore. I recommend this for ages 10+.

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