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Vegetation Management Near Overhead Powerlines

Wyndham City Council has contracted Citywide Service Solutions Pty Ltd to Manage its Vegetation Electrical Line Clearance Program.

As part of this program, the street trees and power-lines are inspected regularly to ensure no impact to power supply through conflict with trees.

All vegetation maintenance work is required to be carried out in compliance with the Electrical Safety Act (Electric Line Clearance) 2020 Regulations.

These regulations stipulate a minimum safe clearance between trees and power-lines, to keep re-growth clear of power lines.

Wyndham City Council is responsible for management of power line clearance in the area highlighted in the map below.

The tree works in this area will be carried out over the next four months. Regular auditing occurs throughout the year.

All works will be conducted in accordance with the Wyndham City Council Tree Policy 2019.

If you have any inquiries regarding the above please contact Ron Mifsud - Area Leader Arboriculture, Wyndham City Council on 1300 023 411.

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