CONGRESS created by All The Queens Men, Tristan Meecham & Bec Reid was presented on Saturday 7 September 2019 in Wyndham City Council Chambers 

What would you say if everyone was listening?  CONGRESS is a citizens’ assembly; a platform to celebrate diverse voices whilst championing our collective right to be seen and heard.  Created by All The Queens Men, CONGRESS connects eight diverse local citizens with eight professional wordsmiths. Together they collaborate to create a series of ‘first speeches” written just for this place and shared once, just for this time. 

The wordsmiths and speakers of CONGRESS were curated across a spectrum of diversities to present a representative slice of the people of Wyndham then, now and into our future. You can read their speeches in full in the PDF document on this page.  To a view a short clip of the presentation, please click on this link

CONGRESS was proudly presented in the Deep West by Wyndham City Arts & Culture as part of the 2019 Wyndham Learning Festival.

Image by: Bryony Jackson 

All The Queens Men

You can read their speeches in full here created by All The Queens Men

  • A citizens’ assembly.
  • A series of first speeches from voices often unheard.
  • Personal visions for our collective future.
  • All The Queens Men is an independent arts company based in Melbourne, Australia.
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