Energy Smart Homes

Reduce your household energy, save money and act on climate change! 

Join us for the Energy Smart Homes program over April and May 2021. We’ll be running workshops and providing information on the latest government grants and incentives to support households in reducing their energy use and saving money.

Why be part of the Energy Smart Homes program?

No matter what your budget is, you can make changes in your home (owners and renters) to improve your energy management to save money and act on climate change. During this program we’ll take you through;

  • Understanding your energy bills and monitoring your energy use
  • Latest government rebates and incentives to access funding to upgrade your home
  • Using clean green energy options
  • How to reduce your home energy without spending a cent
  • LOW-MED cost upgrades to your home to save energy and money
  • Solar and battery for your home
  • How our little changes at home can make big action on climate change

And to kick off this program we have special guest Craig Reucassel whose Fight For Planet A: Our Climate Challenge  TV Series on ABC inspired this Energy Smart Homes program here in Wyndham. 

How can I be part of the Energy Smart Homes program?

The table below lists all the workshops part of the Energy Smart Homes program. You can sign up once and be enrolled to the all the 5 workshops in the program or choose the workshops that interest you only.  All workshops will be recorded, and we’ll pop them up on this page with any relevant resources.


Wyndham City is a participating Council of My Smart Garden   a free sustainable gardening program that helps you get started growing food and transforming your outdoor space (yards, balconies or pots) into a functional garden. It helps you become more resilient and lower your bills by producing food, shading your home from summer heat and turning waste into valuable resources.

During the Energy Smart Homes program My Smart Garden will be running the following workshop which we highly recommend helping reduce your energy bills:

We can all be part of the solution on climate change!

Our climate is changing and with this change comes a whole raft of challenges for our natural environment and current way of life. A large contributor to this is the energy demands of our modern society. We all make up the demand and it is up to us to reduce it, starting at our homes where we spend a lot of time and have the most control.

Together we can fight climate change and improve the world for everyone.

Visit the  Climate Council  to understand what climate change is and how you can make a difference.

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