Between Us

Curated by Ivy Mutuku
Artists: Kemka Ajoku, Bella Loke, Ivy Mutuku, Christina Nwabugo, Najla Said, Tig Terera, John M Tubera, Ammar Yonis
Opening: Wed 18 Jan 2023, 6.30-8.30pm
Exhibition dates: Thur 19 Jan – Sun 19 Mar, 2023

BETWEEN US examined the nature of our most common relationships, friendship. What is the closeness of friendship as distinct from romantic love. Friendships can last a lifetime and yet be made in a moment. 

Curator Ivy Mutuku claims, ‘The love and want of a soul mate keeps every person searching for the ‘other half, however, if this is necessary for humanity, what is its purpose and why has its meaning eluded us?’

This exhibition investigates the significance of platonic relationships and why we need them. How do our friendships nurture us in a unique way and what do they offer us that carries us forward in difficult times?

Image: Kemka Ajoku, Gestural Greetings (from the series Finding Common Ground), 2021, Photography. Photograph: Kemka Ajoku

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