My Home Energy and Water Efficiency kits

My Home Energy and Water Efficiency Kits are now available for you to borrow from your local library.

The kits are designed to help households get a better understanding of how their homes use energy and water and identify areas for improvement. Measuring your energy and water use at home, will help you identify where you can reduce usage to lower your bills and reduce emissions to tackle climate change.

Residents will have access to energy meters to check the electricity consumption of plug-in appliances, thermal imaging cameras to identify areas of heat loss, and water-monitoring devices to reduce water usage.


Each Kit Contains

  1. FLIR TG – 267 Thermal camera
  2. Energy Saving Thermometer
  3. Water Flow Measuring cup
  4. Power-Mate™ Lite energy meter
  5. USB Cable
  6. Carrying case
  7. Instruction guide

Borrowing Guide

  • Borrowers must have a valid library membership  
  • The kit is available for 1-week loan 
  • The kit cannot be returned via the after-hours chute. A libraries team member will check the kit and contents to ensure all parts have been returned before it is removed from the patron’s account.  
  • Replacement fees will be incurred for damaged or lost items.
  • To borrow a kit, place a request via the library catalogue

Preparing your home for winter informations session

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Did this kit help you improve the energy and water efficiency of your home?

Please email us with your feedback Tell us about your experience so we can share and celebrate your household water and energy reduction.

This initiative is supported by our Resilient Wyndham Strategy 2021- 2025, which aims to help our community lower emissions and reach net zero by 2040.

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