Green Living Series

Wyndham’s Green Living Series happens annually with a wide range of sustainable living workshops and events, aimed at building skills and providing tips to live a little greener. The series includes a mixture of community and council run events with a range of exciting workshops, field days and events hosted by passionate and knowledgeable presenters or community members.

We will be bringing you a mix of virtual and physical events throughout the entire year; our themed months and yearly program will mean you be inspired to live green all year round.

The Green Living series comes under our Resilient Wyndham Strategy 2021-2025, which helps guide Wyndham City’s work so our community bounces back, adapts, survives and thrives in the face of potential future events such as climate change, extreme weather, natural disasters, pandemics, cyber-security attacks and economic downturn. Resilience is about being prepared for the unexpected, and building our sustainable living skills is another way we’re making Wyndham more resilient.

For more information visit Resilient Wyndham.

Themes for the Green Living Series

  • March – Keep Wyndham Clean
  • April – Green Explorers
  • May – Energy Smart Wyndham
  • June – Environment
  • July – Trees for the Future
  • August – Sustainable Food Festival
  • September – Biodiversity
  • October – In the Garden
  • November – War on Waste
  • December – Are you Ready?

Events for each month will be listed in the What's On section below as they are become available to book.

How can I get involved?

Have Your Say - Community Gardens and Adopt-A-Park Policies

Two new policies to help green our city

We've created two new policies to help you get more involved in open spaces across Wyndham.

Our community often reaches out to Council asking how they can contribute to the maintenance and beautification of our crucial open spaces.

Our new Community Garden and Adopt-A-Park Policies highlight how and when this community involvement can take place.

The Community Garden Policy encourages the creation of new gardens in suitable locations while also making sure they are managed responsibly. Our aim is not only to create new gardens across Wyndham but to increase community resilience and local engagement.

The Adopt-A-Park Policy actively supports individuals to participate in the stewardship of our open spaces. By entering into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Council, community groups can participate in the upkeep of our parks, helping them to learn new skills and create new local connections.

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How much does it cost to attend a GLS workshop?

Most workshops/events are free to the public, however there may be some programs that charge a small fee to cover for take home materials. The extra fees collected are donated to a local charitable organisation.

Will all the events be online this year?

This year there will be a mix of online and physical events offered as part of the Green Living Series. Location of events will be determined in line with State Government restrictions, safety measures and attendee caps will be in place when required.

Whilst we would love to see you all in person, some of our events will remain online.

How do I cancel my spot after registration?

Please email your enquiries and or cancellation details to

How will Covid-19 restrictions impact on my event?

If the event you booked is cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, you will be fully refunded (if applicable) and provided details to rebook in the future

If you are the event host, we ask that you consider an online option as a back-up for your event and you continue to monitor DHHS COVID-19 safety measures.

I have a question about the Green Living Series. Who do I contact?  

You can email your enquiries to or contact the Green Living team on 1300 023 411.

Green Explorers - calling all young adventurers!

Wyndham City Run Events

Green Explorers - calling all young adventurers!

Join the Green Explorers this April for the Green Living Series while they explore Wyndham! Learn about local native flora and fauna, test your recycling knowledge, and discover fun things to do at home to help reduce your impact on the natural environment.

You can also download a copy of the Green Explorers Activity Book and head outside to explore with mum or dad. Full of fun activities to do at home or at some of Wyndham's biodiversity hot spots, there's plenty of things to discover!

What’s On

Community Run Events

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