Hunter Werribee Public Car Park

Location: Corner of Synnot Street and Duncans Road, Werribee: Entry via Synnot St or Rushford Lane.

Wyndham City Council’s new Multistorey Public Car Park within the new Holiday Inn building is now open. The new public car park contains 167 spaces, located on the first 4 levels of the building. Included are 8 accessible public parking spaces.

The new Public Car Park at Hunter Werribee replaces the old open-air public car park that was on the site prior to redevelopment. The new public car park has 90 more spaces and is more than twice the size as the old public car park.

The new public car park has been constructed by Wyndham City Council to serve the whole of the Werribee City Centre. It is located in the heart of the City Centre.  It offers undercover parking protected from the weather, and features elevator access and CCTV surveillance for customer safety.

Customers can park up to 3 hours free each day. A fee applies for parking longer than 3 hours.



  • 0 – 3 hrs:   FREE (Maximum 3 hours free per day)
  • 3+ hrs:  $5 Flat Rate (Maximum daily rate)

OVERNIGHT RATE             

  • $50   (Applies after 24 hours. Accumulates daily.)

The public car park features a state-of-the-art, ticket-less parking management system, that uses number plate reading technology. Customers can drive straight in without needing to take a ticket. If exiting before three hours, customers can drive straight out, with the system recognising the number plate and opening the boom-gate automatically. Customers staying longer than 3 hours have the option of paying their fee at the paystation located at ground level before returning to their car (by entering the car’s registration number), or paying the fee in their vehicle at the exit gate. All payments are by credit card only and cash-free.

The public car park also features an advanced guidance system. At the car park entries and before the ramp to each floor level there is dynamic signage showing how many parking spaces are available at that time. Inside the car park there are lights above each parking space, showing drivers from a distance whether spaces are occupied or not. These systems have been installed to make the Hunter Werribee public car park a safe and easy customer-friendly experience.

Point Parking will be managing the car park for Wyndham City Council. Their assistance is available to customers 24/7 by pressing the intercom button at the entry, exit or paystation or calling 1300 55 11 31.

For further information on the Public Car Park at Hunter Werribee contact Point Parking on:


How does ticketless parking work?

Ticketless parking works off a vehicle number plate recognition system. When you drive up to the entry boom gate, instead of taking a ticket, the system reads your vehicle number plate and the boom gate opens to allow entry. When paying at the pay station, rather than inserting a ticket, you enter your vehicle registration number. You then make the payment. When you drive to the exit boom gate, the system reads the vehicle number plate. If you have stayed less than 3 hours and there is no payment required (or if you have already paid at the pay station), the boom gate opens and you exit.

Can I pay by cash, credit or EFTPOS?

Payment is cashless, either by credit card or EFTPOS. Payment can either be made at the Pay Station (located near the lobby) before returning to your vehicle, or from your vehicle at the boom gate before exiting.

Is there an annual permit option?

The Hunter Werribee Public Car Park is a pay-per-use facility. Annual permits are not available.

How many accessible car parks are there?

There are 8 accessible parking spaces (4 at ground level, 2 on level 1, and 2 on level 2). All are located close to the lifts.

Where can I find contact details for the car park?

Point Parking will manage the car park on behalf of Wyndham City Council. Customers can contact Point Parking by pressing the intercom button at the entry, exit or pay station within the car park at any time.

Customers may contact Point Parking via:



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