Wyndham City invites you to take part in the ‘Racism - It Stops with Me’ campaign. Wyndham City has signed up to the ‘Racism - It Stops with Me’ campaign which is part of a national anti-racism strategy.

Wyndham values the diversity of our community. 41.5% or Wyndham’s residents are from overseas, over 170 different languages are spoken in our community and we have the largest Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population in Greater Melbourne.

Cultural diversity increases every year in Wyndham and this diversity brings richness and strength. Wyndham City would like to celebrate the stories of those who reside in Wyndham to build awareness of diversity, celebrate the history of Wyndham and actively address racism.

You can play a part:

  • By actively addressing racism - When you witness a racist comment or action as a bystander you can do your bit. You can speak up, offer support the person that was affected or you can report it
  • By taking part in the national campaign - Visit Racism - Stops With Me
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