There are a number of fantastic outdoor dining options to enjoy in Wyndham.  From expanded al fresco to dine in and pop u parks and parklets to enjoy a more casual fare.

During the recovery of Covid-19, Wyndham City assisted businesses in extending their outdoor dining areas. These included waiving footpath trading fees, the temporary installation of parklets and pop up parks and more. This helped businesses to maximise their outdoor space and was greatly supported by locals and visitors adding vibrancy to our activity centres. 

The initiatives were supported by funding from the Victorian Government’s Outdoor Dining and Entertainment Package grants.

Wyndham City supports the conduct of footpath activity associated with established businesses throughout shopping centres and other business activity areas.  This activity adds to the vibrancy, diversity and cosmopolitan nature of our City and its streetscapes.  Such activity brings economic benefits to individual traders and the City.  It encourages and attracts shoppers, tourists, visitors and increases social interaction within our community.

If your business would like to apply for footpath trading click on the link below to find out more.

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