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Wyndham City's Business Directory includes businesses operating throughout the municipality. With over 12,000 businesses operating in Wyndham, the directory aims to support residents and businesses in sourcing their products and services, locally.

Please note, Wyndham City does not endorse or claim a relationship with the businesses listed in the directory which is provided in good faith as a reference point for the Wyndham community.

The directory is not a full list of all businesses in Wyndham, however we encourage businesses not currently listed to register their details for inclusion. The register supports businesses and residents by:

  • Encouraging buy local opportunities
  • Helping businesses source local suppliers and clients
  • Providing a resource for the community

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To appear in the Wyndham Business Directory complete the online registration form.  Your submission will be reviewed and a notification email will be sent.

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Localised is another way to for businesses to list their details and identify other local suppliers.  Localised also allows businesses to connect with each other, share their stories, and list business events.

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