Hard and Green Waste Collection

Due to COVID-19, Wyndham City has decided to re-implement the system by which a waste disposal voucher can be exchanged for an additional hard and green waste collection.  

Submit your request to exchange via Tip Voucher Exchange form and a staff member will contact you.


Wyndham City offers most Wyndham households three free hard and green waste collection services each financial year.

The service works on a pre-booked system. You will need to book your collection day at least 2 weeks in advance with collection waiting time between 2-5 weeks depending on your location.

Collection Checklist

  • Within property boundary with clear access
  • Put items out 1 day before your collection date
  • To ensure a smooth collection please neatly sort / stack your items in 3 separate piles close together within your property boundary (E.g. Drive way or Front yard).
    • General hard waste
    • Green waste
    • White goods/metal items
  • Please box small items of same type / category together.
  • Each item must not weigh more than 55kg and must be able to be lifted by 2 people
  • Items must not be longer than 1.5 metres.
  • Volume of waste must not be more than 3 cubic metres (3 metres long x 1 metres deep x 1 metre high)
  • All items will be collected unless marked otherwise
  • Items will not be collected from inside a trailer.  Items must be placed in front yard
  • Find out what can and can't be collected as part of your Hard and Green Waste Collection.

Cancel or Changing your booking

You can cancel or change your existing booking by calling Council on 1300 023 411 or emailing H&G.Inquiry@wyndham.vic.gov.au by 9:30am one business day before collection date.

Otherwise, the booking will be lost.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I dispose of items that are on the No list?

Detox your home is a safe, free and easy-to-use service to dispose of highly toxic, unwanted household chemicals such as solvents, poisons and cleaning products. Visit Sustainability Victoria or call on 1800 353 233 for more information.

Refuse Disposal Facility (RDF):
The RDF (tip) located at 470 Wests Road, Werribee accepts many items for recycling and landfilling. Refer to the RDG (tip) page for the full list.

Why is my property ineligible for hard and green waste collection?

Some Wyndham properties are not eligible for hard and green waste collections for one of the following reasons:

  1. The rates for the property do not include a waste management charge because they are either a commercial property or have private collection.  These properties do not receive Wyndham City garbage collection service and hence are ineligible for hard and green waste collection.
  2. A building has recently been built on the property but the process to update the way the property rates are calculated has not been completed.  Once this process is complete the owner will receive a supplementary rates notice.  Once this notice has been issued (and as long as the property is paying the Waste Management charge (see 1) above)), the property will then be eligible for hard and green waste collections.

If you have any queries about your property's eligibility, please call 1300 023 411.

What happens to hard & green waste?

The contractor responsible for collecting Hard and Green waste aims to recycle as much as possible. They do this as it is the most cost-effective solution for them and because the contract requires a high recycling rate. Items that are commonly recycled include: all items made from metals, green waste, untreated timber, electrical items and mattresses. If you are planning to book a hard and green waste collection we recommend you give clothing, crockery and furniture to charity stores, as reuse is better than disposal.

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