Dwelling/Unit Numbers – May 2024

Dwelling/Unit Numbers – May 2024

Building permits for 448 dwellings and 4 units in Wyndham were issued in May 2024, as shown in the attached table and graphs.

The units are in:

  • Truganina (2)
  • Werribee (2)

Key Observations

  • The monthly number of dwellings/units is 452
  • The 3-month cumulative figure is 1232
  • The 6-month cumulative figure is 2135
  • The 12-month cumulative figure is 3992


The May 2024 distribution of dwellings/units between Wyndham’s suburbs is summarised in the table.

The three suburbs that received the most building permits for dwellings/units in May 2024 are:

  1. Tarneit (179)
  2. Manor Lakes (70)
  3. Wyndham Vale (64)

May Dwelling Map

The North region of Wyndham ( Tarneit, Truganina, Williams Landing, Laverton and Mount Cottrell) has had the largest number of building permits to date in 2024 (852).

Queries may be directed to Council’s Strategic Planning Unit on (03) 9742 0777.

This bulletin relies on data from Council’s Building Services Department, WCC Proclaim Profiler Reports and analysis by Building Services and the Strategic Planning Unit.

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