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What is the Home Library Service?

Wyndham City Libraries offers a FREE home delivery service to Wyndham residents who are:

  • Unable to visit the library due to disability, illness or frailty.
  • A primary carer who cannot access the library while caring for a homebound person.

Am I Eligible?

If you are a resident of Wyndham and you are:

  • Unable to visit the library due to disability, illness or frailty
  • Temporarily or permanently homebound
  • A primary carer, or
  • A resident in a care facility

How Does it Work?

The Home Library Service Librarian will meet with you and discuss your eligibility and reading interests. A volunteer will deliver library items to your home and exchange them on a monthly basis.

Provision of the Home Library Service is dependent on the availability of staff and volunteers. Although all efforts will be made to provide the service to all who apply, a waiting time may be necessary.

How Do I Become a Member?

If you are interested in receiving the Home Library Service, or know someone who would benefit from this service:

  • Contact the Home Library Service Librarian on 8734 8999 (Monday to Wednesday)
  • Email us at home.library@wyndham.vic.gov.au, or
  • Fill in the online form by clicking the Apply Now button below:
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