Sharing songs and rhymes helps to develop language, literacy, numeracy, phonemic awareness, motor skills, imagination, music appreciation and much more. Here you will find information and tips to enjoy songs and music with your child at home and online.

Benefits and importance of songs and rhymes

Singing songs and rhymes helps your child’s development, builds language, literacy and numeracy skills, sparks imagination and helps them learn about the world around them.

Explore these links for information about the importance and benefits of sharing songs and rhymes with children.

Bright Horizons: Children and Music: Benefits of Music in Child Development 

Imagination Tree: Importance of rhyme in early literacy development

Playgroup NSW: Benefits of nursery rhymes 

Zero to Three: Using music with infants and toddlers

Rhyme Time at Home

A toy duck and a tambourine

Rhyme Time is a fun and special sharing time where children and caregivers can enjoy songs, rhymes, music and dancing together.

You can have your own Rhyme Time any time of day!

Here are some tips for doing your own Rhyme Time at home:

  • Gather your friends and props: Teddies, dollies, shakers, instruments, scarves.
  • Make a list of favourite chants, songs and rhymes. You can choose a combination including, counting, finger play, action and dance. Good sources of these can be found in the Songs, Rhymes and Music section on this page.
  • Or make a singing basket/bag filled with toys or pictures relating to nursery rhymes for example: a star, duck, bus. Let your child choose an item and sing a song about it.
  • Make a circle of your teddy/dolly friends and begin. You can alternate between quite finger play song and loud action or dancing songs.
  • You can also share books during your Rhyme Time. If you don’t have books at home there are some great eBooks to borrow from our eLibrary.
  • Encourage your child to turn the pages and point to interesting pictures on the page or device if you are using an eBook.

A white child and a white woman waving their hands

Singing together with your child is a wonderful bonding experience and a great way to explore language and support your child’s development and early learning.

Don’t worry about the sound of your voice or your dance moves.

Be playful and follow your child’s interest.

When singing with your child you can:

  • Repeat songs. Children love to sing their favourite songs over and over. Repetition is important for learning and memory development.
  • Alternate between singing softly or loudly, slowly or quickly.
  • Share songs in any languages that you and your child know.
  • Share your favourite songs, even if they are not traditional nursery rhymes.
  • Practise clapping, which develops coordination and understanding of rhythm and beat.
  • Use instruments or household items to create a rhythmic beat or make music.
  • Make up your own dance moves or do freestyle dancing.
  • Sing during your everyday routines: meal time, bath time, travel time. You can make up your own song or sing a rhyme related to the activity.
  • Sing gentle songs or play soothing music to calm and comfort your child.

Songs, Rhymes, and Music

Explore these resources for the words and actions to a great range of songs and rhymes, plus music to enjoy together.

ABC Kids Listen

Music for dancing, stories for relaxing and soothing soundtracks for sleeping. Plus a range podcasts to stimulate curiosity, fire imaginations and foster good listening.    

Baby Karaoke

Lyrics for traditional songs and nursery rhymes with simple cartoon animations, just like real karaoke.

Jams for Juniors Online

Interactive videos of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra playing the music of Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Dvořák and Bizet. Plus instructions to make your own instruments.


A vast video collection of rhymes and songs with actions. 

Kings County Library – Tell me a story

A vast video collection of rhymes and songs with actions. 

Playgroup NSW

Play activities including some wonderful activities with sound and rhyme.

Playgroup Victoria 

Lyrics for nursery rhyme favorites.

Early Years programs in the library and online

We have sessions back in branch and in the park! See Early Years Events and Activities for all the information. Early Years programs run during the school term, and take a break over school holidays.

Catch up on our online episodes on the Library YouTube channel where you can continue to enjoy them at a time that suits you.

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