Asbestos is present in many homes and buildings throughout Victoria and is safe if undisturbed.  It only becomes a health risk when it is disturbed through activity such as drilling or cutting during home renovations, which allows asbestos particles to be released into the air where they can be breathed in.

Be responsible about Asbestos Safety and do the following:

  • Be asbestos aware and read Asbestos – A guide for householders and the general public
  • When renovating, don’t attempt asbestos removal yourself, use a licenced contractor
  • Never put other people’s health at risk by illegally dumping asbestos
  • If you suspect asbestos isn’t being removed safely at a worksite, report it to Worksafe.
  • If you see dumped asbestos in Wyndham, call Customer Service on 1300 023 411
  • If asbestos is being removed from your home during home renovations, let your neighbours know beforehand and reassure them that it’s being handled safely

Asbestos removal advice

The Asbestos website is the collective advice from WorkSafe Victoria, the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) and the Department of Health.

The website provides advice and information to help homeowners, tenants, employers and workers understand the risks of asbestos, how to comply with your duties, and resources for managing and removing asbestos in homes and workplaces.

Abandoned Shopping Trolleys

Return your trolley, Report abandoned trolleys!

Residents are urged to help keep our streets free of dumped trolleys.

Trolleys belong at retail complexes, not abandoned on streets or lost in parks and waterways.

Of those trolleys abandoned and reported to Council, most are left within one kilometre of four major shopping complexes in Wyndham.

Shoppers are reminded that if they need to walk their shopping home, an alternative like buying a foldable trolley should be considered as abandoning a trolley is an act of littering and residents can be fined up to $ 395.

How are we working with retailers?

Our Community Amenity Local Law 2023 gives Wyndham City the authority to fine retailers $395 per a shopping trolley if they are not collected within three days of being reported. This change to the local law aims to ensure retailers take more responsibility to claim those trolleys abandoned.

We’re asking retailers across Wyndham to be responsive to reports of abandoned trolleys. In particular, we’re focusing on four areas to help shoppers understand the importance of not abandoning trolleys and are working with retailers in these areas to pick up the trolleys.

The four retail complexes we’re focussing on are:

  • Pacific Werribee, Hopper Crossing
  • Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre, Point Cook
  • Tarneit Central Shopping Centre, Tarneit
  • Manor Lakes Shopping Centre, Wyndham Vale

Trolleys should be returned to retailers or if spotted in streets reported to their retailers as directed below:

Trolley Trackery

Visit Trolley Tracker or phone 1800 641 497 to report the abandoned trolleys from the following retailers. This is an app that you can download.

  • Woolworths
  • Big W
  • Dan Murphy’s

Contact 1800 876 553 to report a trolley for pick up

Trolleys are referred to on the Coles website at: Coles website


Contact 1800 163 900 to report a trolley for pick up by either Kmart or Target.

Trolleys are referred to on the Kmart website.

Trolleys are referred to on the Target website.

Contact 1300 554 777 to report a trolley for pick up by Bunnings.

Trolleys are referred to on the Bunnings website.

Use the Aldi website to report a trolley for pick up.
If the retailer has failed to pick up the trolley, let Council know by  completing a Request for Service or phone Wyndham City on 1300 023 411.

What is a foldable trolley?

Residents who need to walk their shopping home are encouraged to find an alternative, like buying a foldable trolley which are commonly used at markets.

foldable trolley
A foldable trolley is one that is usually made of a type of fabric that allows the steel frame of the trolley to collapse and be stored in the boot of a car or at home.

Unregistered or Abandoned Vehicles on Council Land

What is an Unregistered / Abandoned Vehicle?

Each year a number of unregistered vehicles are left on Council land including roadways and parks. The Local government act allows Council to remove unregistered or abandoned vehicles if the owner fails to do so.

If a vehicle is currently registered, parked legally and an owner has been identified, Council cannot take action. A vehicle can include cars, motorcycles, trucks, trailers, and caravans.

A vehicle may be Impounded by Council if:

  • The vehicles registration is expired or cancelled on the VicRoads website. A VicRoads unregistered Vehicle Permit enables the movement of an unregistered vehicle between private properties during daylight hours but does not grant permission for the vehicle to be parked on a roadway.
  • The Vehicle is registered but has not moved for at least 2 months and an owner cannot be identified.

Most reports are resolved within 14 business days, though some may take up to 60 business days depending on registration status.

Reports we cannot investigate

Vehicles believed to be abandoned in any of the following locations are not actionable by council. Please report the following types of abandoned vehicles to the relevant authorities:

How to report an unregistered or abandoned vehicle

You can report unregistered or abandoned vehicles online by following the steps below:

Step 1. Check if the vehicle has plates, check if the vehicle is registered on the VicRoads website.  This will show if the vehicle is unregistered or stolen.

Step 2. Report unregistered or abandoned vehicle form Submit Request

What happens next?

  • Reported vehicles will be investigated within 10 working days
  • If the vehicle is unregistered or appears to be abandoned, an officer will place an Unregistered or Abandoned Vehicle Sticker on the vehicle, providing advice to the owner and requesting the vehicle be relocated within a set period of time.
  • If the vehicle is not moved, it may be impounded.

Unwanted Vehicles

If you no longer want your vehicle, local businesses may offer complimentary pick-up services and, in some cases, compensation. Private tow truck operators, second-hand vehicle dealerships, or scrap metal recycling businesses may help with the removal of such vehicles.

We recommend visiting our Business Directory or other search engines to locate a service that suits your requirements and removes your unwanted vehicle. If Council impounds an unwanted vehicle, a penalty may be issued to the owner.

How to collect your impounded vehicle

If your vehicle is impounded, it can only be released after proving ownership. Contact Nationwide Towing at 03 8872 9660,

All vehicles are towed by Nationwide Towing who can be contacted on 03 8872 9660.

Nationwide Storage and Auctions

A: 22 Judge Street, Sunshine

T: 03 8872 9660



Before collecting your vehicle:

  • Bookings via phone or email are essential.
  • Provide the following documents via email:
  • Proof of ownership
  • Photo ID (Driver’s Licence or Passport)
  • Signed Statutory Declaration (if collecting on behalf of registered owner)
  • Towing can be booked through depot at owner’s cost
  • If vehicle is drivable but unregistered an Unregistered Vehicle Permit (UVP) must be obtained from Vic Roads Get an Unregistered Vehicle Permit : VicRoads
  • Payment methods Electronic Funds Transfer (Nab Transact, Osko), Eftpos or Credit Card onsite – Cash not accepted.

If you do not claim your vehicle within 14 days of it being impounded. Council may sell, destroy or give away the vehicle (and anything in, on or attached to, the vehicle).

Consumption of Alcohol in a Public Place

The consumption of alcohol in a public place is controlled under Wyndham City Community Amenity Local Law (2015).

You are not allowed to consume any alcohol in a public place without apply for a Consumption of Alcohol in a Public Place permit.

You are not to have an unsealed container of alcohol in a public place or in a vehicle in a public place.

Download Consumption of Alcohol in a Public Place permit form

Fire Season

During the fire danger period as set by the Country Fire Authority you cannot light a fire in the open or in an incinerator on your property.

All applications lodged during the fire danger period will be declined.

Outdoor Burning

Under the Community Amenity Local Law you must not light a fire in the open on your property without a permit (cost $50).

You need to download your Outdoor Burning application and submit the completed form 10 days prior to the date you plan to light the fire.

Incomplete applications will be declined and you will be contacted. Applications may be subject to an inspection prior to approval.

If you are granted an Outdoor Burning Permit your must comply with the Community Amenity Local Law.

Permits will not be issued to properties less than 1Ha in size (conditions may apply).

Conditions of Outdoor Burning Permit

NOTE: Any material to be burnt off must be at least 20m away from the fence line and must not be more than 3m wide and 2m high.

(a)   The person performing the burning operation to which the permit relates must be in possession of the permit or a copy of it.

(b)  Notice of intention to conduct a burning operation must be given:

  • at least twenty-four hours before burning is to commence, to each owner or occupier of land surround the area to be burned and to the officer in charge of the fire brigade in whose area the burning is to take place by advising ESTA on 1800 668 511 or; and
  • if the area to be burned is within three kilometres of any state forest, national park or protected public land, at least twenty-four hours before burning is to commence, to the appropriate Department of Conservation and Environment Office.

(c)   The burning must not be commenced before 7.30am

(d)  All fires must be extinguished by 7.30pm on the day on which they were lit.

(e)   Before commencing a burning operation, a fire break must be prepared around the perimeter of the area to be burned that is:

  •  not less than three metres wide, and cleared of all flammable material; or
  • not less than three metres wide, and thoroughly wetted down whilst the fire is within three metres of the wetted area.

(f)   Every reasonable precaution must be taken that only the material specified in this permit is burned.  Any other material catching alight    must be extinguished immediately.

(g)   The fire being first lit from the leeward side of the area to be burned.

(h)  Until all fires lit under the permit are completely extinguished:

  •  the perimeter of the burning area must be continuously patrolled; and
  •  at least three persons equipped with adequate firefighting equipment must be in attendance.

(i)    If in the vicinity of the area to be burned, the shade temperature exceeds 32 degrees Celsius or the average wind velocity exceeds 15 kilometres per hour:

  •  burning operations must not commence, or
  •  if burning operations have commenced all fires shall be extinguished as soon as possible.

Apply for an Outdoor Burning Permit

Access to Council Open Space

As per the Community Amenity Local Law 2023, a Permit is required from Council before accessing any Council Park, Recreational Reserve or Tree Reserve with a vehicle (such as a Boat, Caravan or Trailer) or any form of machinery (such as a Crane or Bobcat).

This type of access is only applicable for short term scenarios such as single days, or consecutive days that do not exceed a total of five days. Permanent arrangements and longer timeframes must be approved by Council’s Property Management team.

To apply for an open space access permit, you are required to complete an Open Space Access Permit application form.

Download - Access to Council Open Space Application

A permit fee of $95.00 is applicable and will be invoiced after the application has been assessed and approved. In some circumstances, Council may also request that a bond be paid due to the likelihood that Council assets/infrastructure will be affected by the proposal. Any bond held will be returned once Council Officers have inspected the area at the completion of access and are satisfied that the area has not been damaged, or that reinstatement of assets has been completed to Council satisfaction.

Please note that an Open Space Access Permit is an authorisation for access only and does not authorise any physical works being conducted within Council’s Open Space. If you are seeking approval to conducted works within a Council Park, Recreational Reserve or Tree Reserve, you must obtain a Permit to Work.

Graffiti reporting, removal and prevention

Wyndham City Council is highly committed to reducing the negative impact of graffiti throughout our municipality and respond quickly to reports of illegal graffiti.

Reporting graffiti

To report graffiti on Wyndham City Council assets, private residential property or local businesses, please call Wyndham City’s Graffiti reporting line on 8734 2709, or email

Wyndham City Council is responsible for removing graffiti from the following:

  • Wyndham City Buildings
  • Parks, Playgrounds and Reserves
  • Public Toilets
  • Bins, Seats & other Park Furniture
  • Wyndham City Signs
  • Fire Hydrants

Non-Wyndham owned assets

Please refer to the information below for the relevant company to contact when graffiti is located on assets that are not owned by Wyndham.

  • Freeway sound walls, traffic lights, signal boxes and signal poles - VicRoads
  • Train stations and surrounds - VicTrack
  • Electricity poles and electrical substations - Powercor
  • Bus Shelters - PTV
  • Mail Boxes - Australia Post

Reporting offenders

Please contact 000 or Crime Stoppers Victoria to report offenders 'in the act' of graffiti vandalism. Graffiti is a serious criminal offence that is dealt with under the provisions of the Graffiti Prevention Act 2007. Penalties upon conviction for an offence under this Act can result in a financial compensation or up to two years imprisonment.

Graffiti removal

The removal of offensive graffiti takes priority and will be completed within 1 working day from the time the report is received. All other graffiti will be removed within 3 working days from the time the report is received.

Do-it-yourself removal

Council offers residents and local business owners free graffiti removal kits to assist with the removal of graffiti from private property.

You can collect a graffiti removal kit from the Wyndham City Depot, 241-253 Old Geelong Road, Hoppers Crossing, during business hours (8am-4.30pm, Monday-Friday.)

If you have a question about the removal of graffiti please contact Wyndham City’s Graffiti Team on 8734 2709 or via email at

Residential property

Wyndham can assist residents with the removal of graffiti from private property such as fences and gates if the graffiti is visible from a roadway or public open space. Graffiti will either be chemically removed or painted over in a suitable colour.

Local Businesses

Council can assist local businesses up to 2 x per financial year with the removal of graffiti from their premises if the graffiti is visible from a roadway or public space and exceeds no more than 5m2. Once the 2 free services have been utilized, the removal of graffiti then becomes the responsibility of the business owner and must be removed in the time frame requested by Wyndham City’s Graffiti Team.

Graffiti Prevention


Wyndham’s Graffiti Team works closely with many primary and secondary schools throughout the municipality to provide education to students regarding the costs inflicted upon the community for the clean-up of graffiti, personal consequences of doing graffiti and alternate positive artistic ways for self-expression.

Street art projects

There have been many preventative murals created at graffiti ‘hot spot’ locations throughout Wyndham to help reduce the amount of graffiti at each particular location. Wyndham’s Graffiti Team has worked with many schools and community groups in conjunction with local artists to assist in the creation of many of the murals.

Wall and Structure Murals

  • Ballan Rd. Floodway Underpass
  • Mossfiel Skate Park, Hoppers Crossing
  • Cameron Cres Reserve, Hoppers Crossing
  • Waringa Cres Shops, Hoppers Crossing
  • Powell Drive Shops, Hoppers Crossing
  • Rear of Good guys (Greening Pipeline project), Hoppers Crossing
  • Werribee Archery Container Mural, Laverton North
  • Sidney Nolan Reserve, Point Cook
  • Skeleton Creek (Dolphin Cres), Point Cook
  • Lennon Blvd Reserve, Point Cook
  • Morris Rd Bridge (Honey Eater Court), Tarneit
  • Civic Drive, Werribee
  • Vincent Crescent Shops, Werribee
  • Market Road Telstra building, Werribee
  • Ballan road floodway, Werribee
  • Galvin Park Toilet Block, Werribee
  • Riverdene Kinder Walkway, Werribee
  • Presidents Park Skate Park, Wyndham Vale
  • Kelly Park Toilets, Werribee
  • Rushford Lane, Werribee
  • Quarbing St Shops, Werribee
  • Tower Road Water Tank, Werribee
  • Werribee Scout Hall (Richmond/Muirhead Cres), Werribee
  • Delaney Boulevard, Williams Landing

Muraled Powercor Transformers

  • Breton Drive Reserve, Hoppers Crossing
  • Central Park (Corner Franklin Boulevard & Lonsdale Circuit), Hoppers Crossing
  • Wilmington Drive, Reserve, Hoppers Crossing
  • Lennon Boulevard Reserve, Point Cook
  • Miles Franklin Reserve, Point Cook
  • Neptune Drive Reserve, Point Cook
  • Bayview Park (Corner Alamanda Boulevard & Island Way), Point Cook
  • Dunnings Reserve (Corner Kingsley and Central Park Avenue), Point Cook
  • Hargrave Avenue (Corner Longreach Pde), Point Cook 
  • Jamieson Community Centre x2 (65 & 71 Jamieson Way), Point Cook
  • Henry Lawson Reserve, Point Cook
  • Willowgreen Way Reserve, Point Cook
  • Annadale Mews, Point Cook
  • Livingstone Square Park, Point Cook
  • Menzies Avenue Reserve, Point Cook
  • Sidney Nolan Reserve x2, Point Cook
  • Silver Bay Avenue Park, Point Cook
  • Yuruga Boulevard Recreation reserve, Point Cook
  • Flowerpot Park (Malibu Boulevard), Point Cook x2
  • Jamieson Community Centre x2 (65 & 71 Jamieson Way), Point Cook
  • Columbia Street Reserve, Tarneit
  • Yanga Avenue Reserve, Tarneit
  • Penrose Drive Reserve, Tarneit
  • St James Wood Reserve, Tarneit
  • Arcadia Drive Reserve, Tarneit
  • Serenity Drive Reserve, Tarneit
  • Hindmarsh Drive Reserve, Tarneit
  • Farfalla Reserve, Tarneit
  • Nottingham Crescent Park, Tarneit
  • Jupiter Drive Reserve, Truganina
  • Cuthbert Avenue Reserve (Corner Cuthbert Avenue & Tennyson Drive), Truganina
  • Stony Brook Way (Cnr. Misty Meadow Grove), Truganina
  • Landscape Drive Reserve, (Cnr. Memphis Drive), Truganina
  • Anna Court (Cnr.) River Run Drive), Werribee
  • Newport Avenue Reserve x2, William Landing  
  • Mandrel Drive (Cnr. Australia Drive), Williams Landing
  • Thornbury Reserve (Corner Rothbury Parkway & Thornbury Way), Williams Landing
  • Penshurst Avenue Reserve, Williams Landing
  • Lilac Court Reserve, Wyndham Vale
  • Boucaut Drive Reserve, Wyndham Vale
  • Halladale Avenue Floodway (Cnr. Halladale Avenue and Bellinger Crescent), Wyndham Vale
  • Haines Drive (corner Manuka Grove), Wyndham Vale
  • Lilac Court Reserve, Wyndham Vale
  • Lough Way, Wyndham Vale
  • 55 Crossway Ave, Tarneit
  • 1 Prism St, Tarneit
  • 19 Brinbrook St, Tarneit
  • 79 Federation Blvd, Truganina
  • 29 Federation Blvd, Truganina
  • 47 Prudence Pde,  Point Cook

Vic Roads Signal Boxes

  • 110 Heaths Road & Mossfiel Drive, Hoppers Crossing
  • 140 Derrimut Road, Hoppers Crossing
  • 88 Derrimut Road & Warringa Cres, Hoppers Crossing
  • Derrimut Road & Railway Ave, Hoppers Crossing
  • 52 Derrimut Road & Willmott Drive, Hoppers Crossing
  • 115 Derrimut Road, Hoppers Crossing
  • 85 Princes Hwy & Tyrone Street, Werribee
  • 35 Ballan Road, Werribee
  • 100 Shaws Road & Market Road, Werribee
  • Railway Ave & Market Ave, Werribee
  • 31 Market Road & Cottrell Street, Werribee
  • Derrimut Road & Princes Hwy, Werribee
  • 305 Heaths Road, Werribee 
  • 156 Tarneit Road & Parramatta Road, Werribee
  • 47 Ballan Road, Werribee

Legal street art spaces available to the general community

Wyndham City Council currently have two legal street art sites which are available for the public to use at any given time providing that the set of rules governing each area are fully adhered to at all times. (Rules are displayed at each site)

Wyndham City’s Graffiti Team in conjunction with Wyndham’s Youth Services Team hold public ‘Legal Wall Events’ at these sites throughout the year which are advertised publicly and are available for residents of all ages to attend.

The locations of these sites are:

Heaths Road Floodway, 720 Heaths Road Wyndham Vale (opposite Presidents Park) and;

Heathdale Glen Orden Wetlands, 74 Rosella Avenue Werribee

Graffiti management

Council’s defines Wyndham’s Graffiti Management Policy 2022 - 2027 commitment towards graffiti removal, prevention, and engagement with the local community as well as information on how Council assist police to apprehend offenders.

For further information about our graffiti management initiatives, please contact Wyndham City’s Graffiti Team on 8734 2709, or email

Download a copy of the Graffiti Removal Information brochure

Reporting Hoon Behaviour

If you see any hoon or anti-social driving behaviour report it immediately by calling 000. For further information visit the Victoria Police website.

Crime Stoppers Victoria

If you wish to report hoon behaviour that occurs regularly in your area phone Crime stoppers Hoon Hotline 1800 333 000.  You need to provide as much information as possible. The information provided to Crime Stoppers is used as intelligence information for Victoria Police. Reporting can remain completely anonymous. For further information visit the Crimestoppers website.

Safer Roads in Wyndham

Help us make our roads safer!

Wyndham City needs the help of the community to make roads in Wyndham safer. If you know of local areas that are frequented by hooning or unsafe driving let us know. With help from the Community and the Highway Patrol Wyndham City believes that our roads can be made safer.

To indicate if your concern relates to hoon behaviour or general speeding traffic, complete the online request form. Reporting is completely anonymous and the information will be used to inform the Local Highway Patrol.


The dumping of litter in Wyndham is an offence. Litter may not be thrown from a vehicle, dumped onto a public reserve, nature strip or on a road. 

Across the municipality, signs have be installed, encouraging people to report illegal dumping, to secure their load of rubbish and warning people of the severe penalties which apply to people caught illegally dumping rubbish.

To report dumped litter:

Mud on the Road - Werribee South

Wyndham City is responsible for managing incidents on public roads which include spoils such as sand, mud and debris. Vic Roads also has responsibility for Duncans Road and many other major roads in the city.

The Werribee South green wedge zone is primarily market gardens that supply produce to locals and communities Victoria wide. The use of roads in these areas are subject at times to conflict and Werribee farmers through the “Mud Committee” of the Werribee South Residents and Ratepayers Association are working with Wyndham City to improve the control of mud on roads in the Werribee South area to ensure public safety.

Wyndham City will take the following actions:

  • Regular maintenance of road shoulders and drainage systems
  • Shoulder grading /scraping to create effective run off
  • Clean up and street sweeping of problem areas when there is a safety issue
  • Respond to and manage complaints

Farmers Responsibilities

The following are the farmer’s responsibilities:

  • Use alternatives such as farm roads, levy banks and other access through properties to reduce travelling on the road
  • Where possible try not to deposit mud on the roads
  • Remove the mud they have deposited before leaving site
  • Use their plant and equipment to clear their farm road access of mud that could be picked up and deposited on the road
  • Clean up any mud they have deposited on the road

Reporting Mud on the Road

You can call Wyndham’s City Maintenance Department on (03) 9742 0999, during normal business hours, with the location of where there are spoils on the road.

You can also


Planning Permit Enforcement

Wyndham City’s Planning Investigation Unit is responsible for detection, investigation and enforcement of contraventions of the Wyndham Planning Scheme, Planning Permit conditions, Enforcement Orders and Section 173 Agreements registered on land titles.

These contraventions may be the result of complaints received by Wyndham City or observations of Authorised Officers. To ensure a consistent and fair process all Planning Investigations into alleged contraventions of the Wyndham Planning Scheme are conducted in accordance with Wyndham City’s Planning Enforcement Policy.

For further details visit Planning Permit Enforcement.

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