Asbestos is present in many homes and buildings throughout Victoria and is safe if undisturbed.  It only becomes a health risk when it is disturbed through activity such as drilling or cutting during home renovations, which allows asbestos particles to be released into the air where they can be breathed in.

Be responsible about Asbestos Safety and do the following:

  • Be asbestos aware and read Asbestos – A guide for householders and the general public
  • When renovating, don’t attempt asbestos removal yourself, use a licenced contractor
  • Never put other people’s health at risk by illegally dumping asbestos
  • If you suspect asbestos isn’t being removed safely at a worksite, report it to Worksafe.
  • If you see dumped asbestos in Wyndham, call Customer Service on 9742 0777
  • If asbestos is being removed from your home during home renovations, let your neighbours know beforehand and reassure them that it’s being handled safely

Asbestos removal advice

The Asbestos website is the collective advice from WorkSafe Victoria, the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) and the Department of Health.

The website provides advice and information to help homeowners, tenants, employers and workers understand the risks of asbestos, how to comply with your duties, and resources for managing and removing asbestos in homes and workplaces.

Abandoned Shopping Trolleys

Shopping trolleys which are not returned to their retail store are considered litter. Abandoned trolleys can be a hazard to road users and are an unsightly addition to our parks and reserves.  We encourage you to report abandoned trolleys in one of three ways:

Visit Trolley Tracker or phone 1800 641 497 for the following retailer’s trolleys:

  • Woolworths / Safeway
  • Target
  • Big W
  • Dan Murphy’s

Contact 1800 876 553 or visit or visit the Coles website for the following retailer’s trolleys:

  • Coles
  • Kmart
  • Bunnings

Contact 13 25 34 for Aldi trolleys.

Alternatively, to report an abandoned shopping trolley to Council you can complete and submit a Customer Service Request or phone Wyndham City on (03) 9742 0777.

Abandoned Vehicles

If a vehicle is unregistered or appears to be abandoned on public land the time for this is approximately 2 weeks or more or if the vehicle is burnt out, it may be investigated by Wyndham City and if necessary the vehicle may be impounded. If the vehicle is subject to police investigations then the vehicle cannot be processed by council until requested by the relevant authorities

Examples of public land:

  • road
  • naturestrip
  • reserve

The impounded vehicles which are not claimed are sold at public auction. If you have seen a burnt out vehicle you need to report this to the police. To report an abandoned vehicle you need to complete and submit an Customer Service Request or phone Wyndham City on (03) 9742 0777.

Consumption of Alcohol in a Public Place

The consumption of alcohol in a public place is controlled under Wyndham City Community Amenity Local Law (2015).

You are not allowed to consume any alcohol in a public place without apply for a Consumption of Alcohol in a Public Place permit.

You are not to have an unsealed container of alcohol in a public place or in a vehicle in a public place.

Download Consumption of Alcohol in a Public Place permit form

Fire Season

During the fire danger period as set by the Country Fire Authority you cannot light a fire in the open or in an incinerator on your property.

All applications lodged during the fire danger period will be declined.

Incinerator and Outdoor Burning

Under the Community Amenity Local Law you must not light a fire in the open or in an incinerator on your property without a permit.

You need to download your Incinerator and Outdoor Burning application and submit the completed form 7 days prior to the date you plan to light the fire. Incomplete applications will be declined and returned to you. Applications may be subject to an inspection prior to approval.

If you are granted an Outdoor Burning Permit your must comply with the Community Amenity Local Law.

You are not required to obtain a permit when using a gas barbecue.

Graffiti reporting, removal and prevention

We are committed to reducing the negative impact of graffiti on the local community within the Wyndham area.

Reporting graffiti

To report graffiti call Wyndham City’s graffiti 24hr reporting line on 8734 2709, or email

 Council removes graffiti Wyndham City Assets such as playgrounds, bench seat and bins and also assists with removal from residential property and local businesses.

Please refer to the information below for who to contact when graffiti is on other property:

Reporting offenders

You need to contact the Werribee Police (9742 9444) or Crime Stoppers Victoria to report offenders 'in the act' of vandalism or graffiti. Graffiti is a serious criminal offence that is dealt with under the provisions of the Graffiti Prevention Act 2007. Penalties upon conviction for an offence under this Act range from fine of $550.60 to up to two years imprisonment.

Graffiti removal

The removal of offensive graffiti takes priority and will be done within 1 working day and all other graffiti removal from within 10 working days to within 3 working days.

Do-it-yourself removal

To remove graffiti yourself we provide the following to assist you:

  • Free graffiti removal kit

You can collect a graffiti removal kit and paint voucher from Wyndham City Depot, 241-253 Old Geelong Road, Hoppers Crossing during business hours 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

If you have a question about graffiti removal contact Wyndham City’s Graffiti Team on 8734 2709 or via email

Residential property

We can provide a contractor to remove graffiti free of charge, if the graffiti is on a fence facing roadways, reserves, open spaces or visible by members of the public. The graffiti must be no more than 3 metres high from ground level.

The private contractor removing the graffiti will use either a chemical to remove the graffiti or paint over the area with paint that matches your fence colour.

Local Businesses

We can assist local businesses with graffiti removal if the graffiti is visible and facing an open space, park, reserve or main-street and exceeds no more than 5m2.  We provide 2 graffiti removal per rolling 12 months.  When these options have been exhausted it then becomes the responsibility of the business owner to remove graffiti from their premises in the time frame requested by the Wyndham City’s Graffiti Team.

Public Property

We at Wyndham City are responsible for removing graffiti from the following:

  • Wyndham City Buildings
  • Parks, Gardens and Reserves
  • Public Toilets
  • Street Bins and Seats
  • Wyndham City Signs
  • Fire Hydrants

Other public property

Graffiti removal from other public property is the responsibility of relevant authorities:

Graffiti Prevention

Wyndham City’s Graffiti Team commission street art projects for hot spot areas and work with schools and local community groups to provide opportunities for students to learn new skills.

Street art projects

The Ballan Road Floodway Mural was an aerosol project involving students from Karingal Create Werribee  and gave the students a great opportunity to learn new skills.  The Men’s Shed, located next to Wyndham Park Community Centre assisted in the project by building mobile temporary graffiti boards with easels which enabled the boards to be transported easily and gave the students the opportunity to conduct these workshops in Council’s open spaces.

Wyndham City’s Graffiti Team commissioned the Cameron Drive Mural.  This mural was completed by students from Manor Lakes College working with a graffiti artist.

Graffiti management

We have a Graffiti Management Strategy 2017 - 2022 and have made a commitment to provide in addition to graffiti reporting and clean-up to provide:

  • Graffiti murals on known hot spot areas
  • Research and trial of graffiti legal hit up walls
  • Street Art Education Programs involving local youth to reduce graffiti incidents
  • Tree planting to cover long fences
  • Information and advice to local business and members of the community with regard to graffiti preventative initiatives

For further information about our graffiti management initiatives contact Wyndham City’s Graffiti Team on 8734 2709 or via email

Reporting Hoon Behaviour

If you see any hoon or anti-social driving behaviour report it immediately by calling 000. For further information visit the Victoria Police website.

Crime Stoppers Victoria

If you wish to report hoon behaviour that occurs regularly in your area phone Crime stoppers Hoon Hotline 1800 333 000.  You need to provide as much information as possible. The information provided to Crime Stoppers is used as intelligence information for Victoria Police. Reporting can remain completely anonymous. For further information visit the Crimestoppers website.

Safer Roads in Wyndham

Help us make our roads safer!

Wyndham City needs the help of the community to make roads in Wyndham safer. If you know of local areas that are frequented by hooning or unsafe driving let us know. With help from the Community and the Highway Patrol Wyndham City believes that our roads can be made safer.

To indicate if your concern relates to hoon behaviour or general speeding traffic, complete the online request form. Reporting is completely anonymous and the information will be used to inform the Local Highway Patrol.


The dumping of litter in Wyndham is an offence. Litter may not be thrown from a vehicle, dumped onto a public reserve, nature strip or on a road. 

Across the municipality, signs have be installed, encouraging people to report illegal dumping, to secure their load of rubbish and warning people of the severe penalties which apply to people caught illegally dumping rubbish.

To report dumped litter:

Mud on the Road - Werribee South

Wyndham City is responsible for managing incidents on public roads which include spoils such as sand, mud and debris. Vic Roads also has responsibility for Duncans Road and many other major roads in the city.

The Werribee South green wedge zone is primarily market gardens that supply produce to locals and communities Victoria wide. The use of roads in these areas are subject at times to conflict and Werribee farmers through the “Mud Committee” of the Werribee South Residents and Ratepayers Association are working with Wyndham City to improve the control of mud on roads in the Werribee South area to ensure public safety.

Wyndham City will take the following actions:

  • Regular maintenance of road shoulders and drainage systems
  • Shoulder grading /scraping to create effective run off
  • Clean up and street sweeping of problem areas when there is a safety issue
  • Respond to and manage complaints

Farmers Responsibilities

The following are the farmer’s responsibilities:

  • Use alternatives such as farm roads, levy banks and other access through properties to reduce travelling on the road
  • Where possible try not to deposit mud on the roads
  • Remove the mud they have deposited before leaving site
  • Use their plant and equipment to clear their farm road access of mud that could be picked up and deposited on the road
  • Clean up any mud they have deposited on the road

Reporting Mud on the Road

You can call Wyndham’s City Maintenance Department on (03) 9742 0999, during normal business hours, with the location of where there are spoils on the road.

You can also


Planning Permit Enforcement

Wyndham City’s Planning Investigation Unit is responsible for detection, investigation and enforcement of contraventions of the Wyndham Planning Scheme, Planning Permit conditions, Enforcement Orders and Section 173 Agreements registered on land titles.

These contraventions may be the result of complaints received by Wyndham City or observations of Authorised Officers. To ensure a consistent and fair process all Planning Investigations into alleged contraventions of the Wyndham Planning Scheme are conducted in accordance with Wyndham City’s Planning Enforcement Policy.

For further details visit Planning Permit Enforcement.

Werribee South Boat Ramp

Werribee South ramp comprises of

  • Six boat ramps (two shallow)
  • Four floating pontoons
  • Fish cleaning table
  • 78 vehicle-with-trailer paved parking spaces
  • Approximately 90 vehicle-with-trailer parking spaces in overflow

The Werribee South Boat Ramp is a public facility open 24 hours, 365 days a year. Users must take care when utilising the facility, as the boat ramps are situated in a natural environment which is subject to changing conditions.

Who is responsible for the boat ramps and monitoring of the car park?

Council is responsible for:

  • Construction works at the boat ramps.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of the boat ramps and supporting infrastructure.
  • Maintenance and monitoring the operations of the automated ticketing machine and annual ticket sales.
  • Monitoring and enforcement of car parking facilities.

Parks Victoria is responsible for the adjacent jetty and waterway management. 

How can I purchase a daily ticket?

  • Daily tickets can only be purchased at the Werribee South Boat Ramps from the automated ticketing machine. Credit cards (Visa and MasterCard debit options accepted) and cash-operated facilities (coin only) are available at the ramps to purchase daily tickets.
  • Daily tickets are only valid for 24 hours from the date and time of purchase.
  • All vehicles must display a valid ticket on their dashboard while parked at the ramps, or risk infringement notices being issued. 

How can I purchase an annual ticket?

  • Annual tickets can only be purchased from the Civic Centre Council Offices, 45 Princes Hwy, Werribee. Council's operating hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm, excluding public holidays.
  • Purchasing an annual ticket must be done in person with the appropriate documentation to be presented. Refer to information outlined below.

What do I need to bring to purchase an annual ticket?

  • Proof of boat registration.
  • Photo proof of identity, recognised photo identification (drivers licence/permit or passport).
  • To receive the resident's rate, the above ID will need to confirm proof of current address in Wyndham.

Note: Past annual tickets do not validate the current residence and therefore are not accepted.

How can I purchase an annual ticket? - By Mail

  • If you cannot make it into the Civic Centre to purchase an annual ticket, you may complete the Werribee South Boat Ramp – Annual Ticket Request form and mail it into: Wyndham Civic Centre, PO Box 197, Werribee, Vic 3030
  • Payment methods accepted:  Credit Card or cheque. Cheques must be made out to Wyndham City Council.
  • Payment must accompany your paperwork.
  • A photo copy of your photo Id (Drivers Licence) and Boat Registration must accompany your completed paperwork.
  • If payment or your supporting documentation is not provided your paperwork it will be posted back, unprocessed.
  • While your annual ticket is being processed, and if you wish to continue to use the ramps, your must continue to purchase and display a daily ticket.  The Legislative Services officers are unable to check applications in process.  You risk a fine for failure to display a valid ticket while at the ramps.
  • Once your ticket has been processed, it will be posted back to you. 

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for the processing of tickets. 

Ticket prices

Annual (Full Fare)

  • Resident: $93.00
  • Non Resident: $190.00

Annual (Concession)

  • Resident: $72.00
  • Non Resident: $135.00

Commercial: $206.00

Prices indicated above are effective from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016. Valid boat ramp tickets must be placed on the dashboard of your motor vehicle with trailer, clearly displaying the expiry date and time. Infringement notices may be issued for failure to display a ticket.


All ramp users are advised to clearly display a valid ramp ticket on the dashboard of their motor-vehicle-with-trailer at all times while parked at the Werribee South Boat Ramp, or risk infringement notices being issued. 

Who can I talk to about the ramps?

To speak to a Wyndham City Council Officer, please contact the Leisure Facilities Contracts Officer on 9742 0777.

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