Your rates are used to deliver over 70 different services and cater for a population of over 250,000 people in the Wyndham community. As a rapidly growing municipality Wyndham is still developing its community infrastructure, such as roads, construction, community centres and facilities. Money raised from rates goes towards the community as a whole which includes the following services and infrastructure:

  • Children, family and youth Services
  • Aged and disability services
  • Sports and community facilities
  • Roads & Urban planning
  • New building construction
  • New roads and footpath construction
  • Waste and recycling collection
  • Parks and reserves  
  • Libraries
  • Social planning and community engagement
  • Council operations
  • Planning and building inspection services
  • Economic development and job creation
  • New plant and equipment
  • Environment protection
  • Legislative services
  • Animal Management and compliance
  • Arts, culture & tourism

To get the maximum benefit from your rates, Wyndham City encourages you to access the many services and facilities that we provide.


Are rates going up?

Council rate rises are capped at 2%, in line with the State Government’s cap. Due to the way properties are valued and rates are distributed, the rates bill for 44 percent of residential properties will actually reduce compared to last year and a further 52 percent of residential properties will experience a rate increase of no more than $100 over the year, that’s less than $2 a week.

How are rates calculated?

The impact for individual properties will depend on how the property value has changed relative to other properties. For some properties, there may be an increase in rates higher than 2% while others will see a decrease.

Individual properties may be affected differently as the total rate revenue is distributed by the value of the property. For example, a residential property worth $750,000 will carry a bigger share of the total rate revenue than a residential property worth $400,000

When was my property valued?

As required under the Local Government Act, the annual property valuations have been undertaken as at 1 January 2020 and form the basis for the 2020/21 rates calculation. The valuation process is conducted by an independent valuer and certified by the Valuer General Victoria.

What if my property has gone down in value as a result of COVID-19?

Any changes in market conditions and property valuations since 1 January 2020 eg. as a result of COVID-19 will be considered as part of the 2021/22 valuation process.


Is there any financial relief available to pensioners on their annual rates bill?

Yes. Pensioners who are eligible for the State Government Municipal Rates Concession will receive a further $50 discount on their Wyndham City rates bill.

Do I need to apply for the Wyndham City pensioners rebate?

No. For residents who have had their details verified as part of our annual rates notice process, the $50 rebate will be automatically included in the annual notice. You do not need to apply for this.

I’m currently not eligible for the Municipal Rates Concession but will be eligible later this financial year. Can I still get the $50 discount?

Residents who become eligible for this concession throughout the year will have their rebate applied on subsequent instalment notices, once they become eligible. This will be automatic, and there is no need to apply.

If I am a pensioner also in receipt of JobKeeper, do I get both rebates?

If you are a pension card holder also receiving JobKeeper, just one rebate will apply. This will be the $100 JobKeeper rebate.

What is the State Government Municipal Rates Concession?

This is a State Government scheme which applies a 50% deduction on Council rates up to a yearly maximum of $241 2020/21 for Pensioner Concession Card and Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card holders. This is a separate scheme to the Wyndham City pensioner rebate. More information at:


What financial relief is available to residents on JobKeeper?

Wyndham City has implemented a JobKeeper Rate Rebate scheme, with a $100 rebate on an annual rates bill available to eligible applicants.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for this scheme, you must have been on JobKeeper over the period of 1 July 2020 to 30 September 2020.

How do I get the discount?

This discount will be applied following an application process. To apply online visit or phone 03 9742 0777 for a paper form to be mailed to you.

What information do I need to provide?

When applying for the discount, you will need to provide your name, address, contact details, and proof that you are in receipt of JobKeeper in this period. You will also need to provide the contact details of your employer if we need to contact them to verify your application.

Do I need to provide any documentation?

Yes. All applicants will need to provide a copy of their most recent pay slip.

I am a sole trader on JobKeeper so do not have a pay slip. Am I entitled to a rebate?

Yes. The rebate extends to sole traders. You will need to provide some form of proof or documentation that you are in receipt of JobKeeper.

I’m on JobKeeper, and so is somebody else living with me who is also on JobKeeper. Does this mean I get two rebates?

No. There is only one rebate available per household.

I own more than one property in Wyndham. Does the rebate apply to all properties?

The rebate is only available to ratepayers at their principal place of residence.

My partner/somebody else in my household is on JobKeeper, but I am not. Can we still apply for the rebate?

The property must be in the name of the JobKeeper applicant. This means that if the property owner is full employed, and someone else in the family is on JobKeeper, the rebate will not apply. If ownership of the property is joint, at least one of the owners must be on JobKeeper.

I am on JobSeeker. Will I be entitled to the rebate?

No, the rebate does not extend to those in receipt of JobSeeker. If you are having difficulty paying your rates, please contact our team on 9742 0777 to discuss options under our hardship policy.

How long will this scheme be in place?

The application process will be open until the end of December 2020. Those applying before the end of October, the rebate will be actioned as part of a second instalment notice. Those applying between October and December, the rebate will be applied to the third instalment notice.

What happens after December?

We will review the scheme, considering the conditions of the time, the level of demand, and any outcomes or support in the State and Federal budgets.


Is there any further assistance available to ratepayers experiencing hardship?

Yes. Contact Wyndham City Council as soon as you can if you are experiencing difficulty in paying your rates. The team can be reached by phone at (03) 9742 0777 or by email at

Can I enter a payment plan if I am having difficulty paying?

Yes. a Payment plan can be entered on a temporary or regular basis. Contact Council to discuss your circumstances.

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