Congratulations to our amazing winners


Photography Comp winner Murtaza in front of the photo display

Photography Comp winner Cruz in front of  library shelves

Cruz, age 11, Old Werribee.


Cruz, age 11, Old Werribee.

“Farming is in my blood, my grandparents have been farmers in Werribee for 45 years. I was instantly attracted to the beauty in the old rusty gate and shed- it’s a wonderful shed that has been standing for probably 100 years. It has character and when I look at it I think of all of the hardship farmers had working so hard by hand on the farm. The image captures an important moment in Werribee’s farming history.”

Murtaza age 7. The army of trees




Murtaza, age 7, The Army of Trees.

Murtaza said the motivation behind Army Of Trees’ was that "It was like trees are standing in a line like an army, ready to fight the pollution".

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