Within Wyndham, the use of outdoor advertising signage is outlined within the Wyndham Planning Scheme’s Advertising Sign Policy in conjunction with Local Laws.

These regulations apply to all land within the City and are designed to ensure public safety and to maintain the presentation and character of our streetscapes and support businesses activities.

There are specific regulations and applications required for different kinds of advertising signage, including real estate and subdivision development signage, home based businesses, trailer signs and more.

To find out more about more, please read through the Advertising Sign Policy, or get in touch with Wyndham City’s Planning team, via mail@wyndham.vic.gov.au or 9742 0777.

Here are some frequently asked questions about some of the more common signage applications:

Commercial Real Estate Agent Signs

Real estate agents are able to display one sign per property advertising the property for sale or lease as long as the exemption requirements are met.

Please take care not to breach the Wyndham Planning Scheme by following the requirements below:

  • The sign display area publicising the sale or letting of the property on which it is displayed, does not exceed 10 square metres.
  • Only one sign may be displayed per property.
  • Signs must not be displayed other than on the property for sale or lease.
  • Signs must not be left displayed after sale or lease is completed.
  • Signs must not be displayed longer than 7 days after the sale date.
  • Signs displayed with no actual sale/lease information are not permitted.
  • Animated signs are not permitted.

On application, a permit may be granted for:

  • A sign with a display area to exceeding 10 square metres, if the sign concerns more than 20 lots.
  • A sign to be displayed on land excised from the subdivision and transferred to the municipal council.
  • A sign to be displayed longer than 7 days after the sale date.

Apply for a Planning Permit

Home-based Business Signs

Home-based Business Signs within residential  and high amenity areas are restricted in size in order to maintain the presentation of residential neighbourhoods.

One sign advertising a Home-based Business is allowed without a permit, however, it must not exceed 0.2 square metres with all  other signs requiring a Planning Permit prior to being displayed These signs are subject to certain guidelines.

View Planning Scheme - Sign Terms

Apply for a Planning Permit

General Business Signage

Business identification and promotional signs displayed by businesses are governed by specific zoning and sign classification requirements.

As each zone has varied requirements, operators are encouraged to seek advice and guidance from Council’s Planning Department for permit requirements, via mail@wyndham.vic.gov.au or 9742 0777.

Community Event Signs

In order to be able to display community event signage within the Wyndham municipality (including event-based Real Estate boards), you first need to submit a request for an Exempt Sign Certificate which confirms whether the intended sign meets an exemption for a permit. .

  • The intended sign must be for a Wyndham-based community event, not held for commercial purposes.
  • A physical address for the applicant in Wyndham is required. The request will be recorded against this address.
  • Applications can be made for a maximum of 2 approved locations (outlined within the form).
  • Applications may only be made 5 weeks prior to the event being advertised.
  • Total display period is up to 14 days.

View: Community Exempt Signboards Guidelines and Conditions

Apply for Exempt Sign Certificate

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