The Wyndham Housing and Neighbourhood Character Strategy provides a framework to guide the growth and change of residential areas in the City of Wyndham.

Extensive consultation with the community on the Strategy occurred between January and March 2017. Over 250 submissions were received raising a wide range of issues about the impact of the Strategy on neighbourhood character, infrastructure, heritage, the environment and heritage.

Soon after the conclusion of the consultation process, the State Government made several changes to the residential zones. Some of these changes have a significant impact on the Council’s proposed schedules to the residential zones.

Council considered a report on the Strategy at its Ordinary Meeting held on 5 December, 2017. Council resolved to:

  1. Note the submissions received on the Housing and Neighbourhood Character Strategy
  2. A further report be provided to Council by mid 2018 that:
    1. Updates the Strategy to remove the Residential Growth Zone (and replace it with the General Residential Zone)
    2. Proposes new schedules to the General Residential Zone and Neighbourhood Residential Zone
    3. Updates the Housing analysis component of the Strategy
    4. Includes draft planning scheme documentation to implement the Strategy through a planning scheme amendment
  3. A further report be provided to Council on a draft priority list for preparing structure plans for Wyndham’s activity centres

To view the Council report visit Council Meetings Minutes.

Next Steps

Council’s Urban Futures Department will be revising the Strategy consistent with the changes approved by Council on 5 December, 2017.

It is proposed to submit a further report for Council’s consideration in mid 2018 with a revised Strategy and new schedules to the residential zones.  It is anticipated that Council will then seek an amendment to the Wyndham Planning Scheme to implement the revised Strategy and new schedules.

Should you have any questions about the Wyndham Housing and Neighbourhood Character Strategy please contact Council’s Urban Futures Department on 03 8734 5488 or

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