Wyndham Housing and Neighbourhood Character Strategy

Wyndham City is now seeking your feedback on the draft planning controls that will implement the findings of the Housing and Neighbourhood Character Strategy 2015.  

These new planning controls are proposed to be applied to existing residential areas within Wyndham, and will impact on what level of future development may occur on the land.  Wyndham City will also update its Municipal Strategic Statement and other local planning policies in the Wyndham Planning Scheme to give effect to the Strategy. 

Submissions to the implementation of the Housing and Neighbourhood Character Strategy is now closed.

Proposed New Zones & Overlays

The Strategy recommends that Council applies three new residential zones to land as a way of managing housing growth and to ensure that development occurs in appropriate locations and keeps housing density at a suitable level.  The zones also outline where development shouldn’t occur.

In keeping with the Wyndham 2040 Vision, Wyndham City wants to ensure that development occurs in a way that meets growth demands and resident’s needs.

The Strategy identifies three broad areas that are suitable for different levels of development.   Each change area will be rezoned to a new planning zone that reflects the level of development anticipated by the Strategy. 

Change Area


Limited Change Areas / Limited Incremental Change Areas – where development is not appropriate due to constraints such as heritage, special neighbourhood character or lack of infrastructure.

Neighbourhood Residential Zone

Incremental Change Areas/ Incremental Change with Access Areas – where moderate levels of development will be appropriate (particularly closer to transport and services) which also respects the character of the area.

General Residential Zone

Substantial Change Areas – where the higher densities are appropriate given the location in close proximity to public transport, access to shops, services and other facilities.

Residential Growth Zone

In addition to the above rezoning, Council has agreed to apply planning overlays to some precincts where special controls were required and make some minor updates to the Strategy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Documents on Consultation

The following documents are out on consultation until 17 March 2017.  Please review the amendment documents that are relevant to you.  You can find out which zones and/or overlays are being applied to your land by visiting MyWyndham (see Find Your Property).   

Draft Amendment Documents

Proposed Strategy Changes

Supporting Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Translated Documents

Explaining the Strategy and how zones are applied (Video)

A short video explaining the Strategy and how zones are applied.


Find Your Property

Find out what zone and/or overlay proposed for your property.

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Contact Us

If you require further information in relation to this project, please contact the Planning Policy and Projects Unit on (03) 9742 0777 or Housing@wyndham.vic.gov.au.

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