Acting Chief Executive Officer: Natalie Walker

Acting Chief Executive Officer: Natalie Walker

Natalie Walker is an urban planner and has been highly successful in executive leadership roles across a range of Councils, with strong experience and expertise in advocacy, growth area planning, service delivery and infrastructure.

Natalie brings more than 25 years of local government experience to the role.

Ms Walker holds a Master of Policy and Human Services and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Planning) from RMIT University.

The CEO's Office comprises:

  • People & Capability
  • Chief Legal Counsel
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Financial
  • Chief Executive Office

City Life


Director: Allison Kenwood

Allison commenced with Council in September 2019 as Director, City Life.

Allison has over 30 years extensive experience in the health, community and human services sectors in a broad range of areas; State government in Victoria and Western Australia, Red Cross Blood Service, direct health services and not for profit organisations.

Allison has a passion for building culture and positive and inclusive communities.

Allison’s qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Arts, (BA) at Victoria University
  • Masters of Education, Healthy Faculty (MA), University of Western Australia

In her spare time Allison likes walking her dogs, watching her daughter swim, interior design, Netflix and chocolate bullets!

The City Life Directorate is responsible for the policy, planning and delivery of all life stage services from new borns’ to aged care and everything in-between.

The City Life Directorate comprises the following departments:

  • Community Planning & Development
  • Libraries & Community Learning
  • Community Support
  • Sport & Recreation
  • Service Planning, Partnering & Reform
  • Social & Economic Inclusion

City Operations

Stephen Thorpe

Director: Stephen Thorpe

Stephen commenced with Wyndham in 2012, starting as Manager Asset Management and Maintenance, then taking on the roles of Manager Assets and Roads and Manager Facilities and Recreation during 2015, before his appointment to the position of Director, City Operations in 2016.

Stephen has a broad range of knowledge, skills and experience in delivering council services. He has worked for twenty years managing a wide range of key services at four Melbourne councils, and was the Managing Director of Australian Landscape Management, a design and management consultancy, for ten years.

Stephen’s qualifications include: 

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSc), Burnley Horticulture College, Melbourne University.
  • Masters of Business Administration, (MBA), Victoria University.

In his spare time Stephen enjoys sailing, boat and furniture building, and travelling.

The City Operations Directorate ensures Wyndham is delivering essential services to public places and properties, including capital works projects, facility management, local laws enforcement, waste management, road and drain maintenance, and care of parks and gardens.

The City Operations Directorate comprises the following departments:

  • City Amenity & Safety
  • Facilities & Open Space
  • Waste Management & Disposal
  • Roads & Maintenance
  • Project Management Office

City Design and Liveability


Director City Design and Liveability: Ludo Campbell-Reid

Ludo commenced with Council in 2020 as Director, City Design & Liveability.

With over 25 years of both public and private sector experience Ludo has advised Mayors, Councillors, governments, private sector organisations and communities around the world. 

He is a globally renowned City Planning expert and Urban Designer thought leader. He also regularly features as a keynote speaker at international industry events.

Ludo’s qualifications include:

  • Master of Arts (M.A.) in Urban Design, Oxford Brookes University
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Urban Design, Oxford Brookes University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Honours (BA), University of Westminster, London

In his spare time Ludo enjoys surfing, rowing and skiing. He is a former member of the British Rowing Team.

The City Design & Liveability Directorate is charged with spear heading the design led urban renaissance of Wyndham and comprises the following departments:

  • Urban Futures
  • Climate Futures Office
  • Vibrant City Centres
  • City Transport
  • Smart City Office
  • Planning & Building
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