There are seven key stages in the planning permit application process.

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The following shows the key stages.

1. Before making the application

  • find out about the Wyndham Planning Scheme
  • talk to the council planner (Duty Counter Service)
  • pre-application meeting advice
  • planning and information controls requests
  • talk to the neighbours
  • consider getting professional advice
  • can my application be considered as a VicSmart application?

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2. Prepare and submit the application

  • application form
  • application fee
  • application information
  • a current Certificate of Title (You must also provide a copy of any registered restrictive covenant or S173 Agreement that affect the land. The Certificate of Title must have been searched within the last three months.)

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3. Wyndham City checks the application

  • more information?
  • Internal and/or external referral?

4. Application is advertised if required for at least 14 days

  • usually by letter to neighbours and a sign on-site
  • view application information online before submitting your objection
  • people affected may submit objection online

5. Wyndham City assesses the application

  • considers any objections
  • considers any referral comments
  • assesses planning scheme provisions
  • negotiates with permit applicant
  • prepares report

6. Wyndham City decides the application

The decision may be made by a delegated planning officer or may be referred to the Planning Committee.

Permit with conditions | Notice of decision with conditions to grant a permit | Refusal

7. Review by VCAT if applied for

  • by the permit applicant against conditions or refusal
  • by an objector against notice of decision

Objection to Granting a Planning Permit

If Wyndham City considers that your proposal may cause material detriment to another person or the overall area, you are required to notify the persons likely to be affected. If you wish to object to a proposal, it must be in writing and you need to clearly state the reasons for your objection. Wyndham City will consider all written objections prior to making any decision on an application.  An objection to grant a planning permit form can assist you in compiling your submission.


Authorised town planning officers under delegated authority determine most applications. Only more complex or controversial applications are placed before an Ordinary Council Meeting (held monthly) for determination.


Relevant parties have the right to appeal (or seek review) following Wyndham City’s decision by lodging an application for review by the Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

If you have objected to an application for a planning permit that Wyndham City has supported, you have the opportunity to lodge an appeal against the decision.

The appeal must be lodged within 28 days of the decision date. Alternatively, if Wyndham City has refused or supported your application subject to conditions, the applicant has the opportunity to appeal to VCAT within 60 days of the decision date.

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