Smoke from a Wood Heater

A wood fire can be a problem for your neighbours if there is excessive smoke. The smoke can reduce visibility and cause discomfort for people with respiratory problems.  In the majority of cases the issue is the wood being used.  Tips to ensure the wood burns correctly:

  • Always burn dry, well-seasoned and untreated wood. This wood burns more cleanly and more efficiently.
  • Stack wood under cover in a dry and ventilated area
  • Use small logs
  • Burn the fire brightly

If there is excessive smoke from your neighbour’s fire you need to approach them directly and work together to resolve the problem.  If talking to your neighbour does not resolve the issue, you can visit our Customer Service Request Portal.

If talking to your neighbour does not resolve the nuisance, you could contact the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (DSCV) on 1300 372 888 to work on a solution to settle the problem.

Outdoor Burning

Under the Community Amenity Local Law you must not light a fire in the open on your property without a permit.

You need to download your Outdoor Burning application and submit the completed form 10 days prior to the date you plan to light the fire.

Incomplete applications will be declined and you will be contacted. Applications may be subject to an inspection prior to approval.

Conditions of Outdoor Burning Permit

NOTE: Any material to be burnt off must be at least 20m away from the fence line and must not be more than 3m wide and 2m high.

(a)   The person performing the burning operation to which the permit relates must be in possession of the permit or a copy of it.

(b)  Notice of intention to conduct a burning operation must be given:

  • at least twenty-four hours before burning is to commence, to each owner or occupier of land surround the area to be burned and to the officer in charge of the fire brigade in whose area the burning is to take place by advising ESTA on 1800 668 511 or; and
  • if the area to be burned is within three kilometres of any state forest, national park or protected public land, at least twenty-four hours before burning is to commence, to the appropriate Department of Conservation and Environment Office.

(c)   The burning must not be commenced before 7.30am

(d)  All fires must be extinguished by 7.30pm on the day on which they were lit.

(e)   Before commencing a burning operation, a fire break must be prepared around the perimeter of the area to be burned that is:

  •  not less than three metres wide, and cleared of all flammable material; or
  • not less than three metres wide, and thoroughly wetted down whilst the fire is within three metres of the wetted area.

(f)   Every reasonable precaution must be taken that only the material specified in this permit is burned.  Any other material catching alight    must be extinguished immediately.

(g)   The fire being first lit from the leeward side of the area to be burned.

(h)  Until all fires lit under the permit are completely extinguished:

  •  the perimeter of the burning area must be continuously patrolled; and
  •  at least three persons equipped with adequate firefighting equipment must be in attendance.

(i)    If in the vicinity of the area to be burned, the shade temperature exceeds 32 degrees Celsius or the average wind velocity exceeds 15 kilometres per hour:

  •  burning operations must not commence, or
  •  if burning operations have commenced all fires shall be extinguished as soon as possible.

Apply for an Outdoor Burning Permit

Fire Season

During the fire danger period as set by the Country Fire Authority you cannot light a fire in the open or in an incinerator on your property.

All applications lodged during the fire danger period will be declined.

To report an issue visit our Customer Service Request Portal.

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