The Fire Danger period has been extended till 31 May 2019. No permits will be issued during the Fire Danger Period.

Smoke from a Wood Heater

A wood fire can be a problem for your neighbours if there is excessive smoke. The smoke can reduce visibility and cause discomfort for people with respiratory problems.  In the majority of cases the issue is the wood being used.  Tips to ensure the wood burns correctly:

  • Always burn dry, well-seasoned and untreated wood. This wood burns more cleanly and more efficiently.
  • Stack wood under cover in a dry and ventilated area
  • Use small logs
  • Burn the fire brightly

If there is excessive smoke from your neighbour’s fire you need to approach them directly and work together to resolve the problem.  If talking to your neighbour does not resolve the issue, you can contact our Environmental Health Unit on 9742 0777 or complete customer service request.

If talking to your neighbour does not resolve the nuisance, you could contact the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (DSCV) on 1300 372 888 to work on a solution to settle the problem.

Incinerator & Outdoor Burning

Under the Community Amenity Local Law you must not light a fire in the open or in an incinerator on your property without a permit. You need to download your Incinerator and Outdoor Burning application and submit the completed form 7 days prior to the date you plan to light the fire.

Incomplete applications will be declined and returned to you. Applications may be subject to an inspection prior to approval.

If you are granted an Outdoor Burning Permit you must comply with the Community Amenity Local Law.

You are not required to obtain a permit when using a gas barbecue.

Fire Season

During the fire danger period as set by the Country Fire Authority you cannot light a fire in the open or in an incinerator on your property.

All applications lodged during the fire danger period will be declined.

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