Copies of Plans

To request copies of plans or documents in relation to Building Permits please complete Copies of Documents Request Form

Note: this is for properties within Wyndham City local government area only. For permits issued within another Local Government area, please contact the relevant Council.

Details of Permits and Certificates

Details of any permits or certificates of final inspection issued in the preceding 10 years and any current building notices and orders can be provided for any property located within the municipality.


Flooding & Termite Area

We can advise whether or not any land is liable to flooding and/or likely to be subject to attack by termites by providing a property information certificate.

If you want to submit a request for regulation 51 information you need download and submit a Request for Regulation 51 Information.

Termite Management

Termite management involves reducing the chances that major damage is caused to your house by termite infestations. Termites cause more damage to Australian houses than fire, floods and storms combined – damage that is not covered by household insurance. 

For details on termites and termite management visit the Victorian Building Commission - Termite Management website.


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