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The Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the FOI Act) provides members of the public with a legal right of access to documents held by Council.

Members of the public are entitled to seek access to:

  • Documents about their personal affairs, regardless of the age of the documents.
  • Documents held by a Council, not older than 1 January 1989.

The Act does not apply to documents which are available;  to the public, or as part of a public register; or are documents which are available for purchase.

The term 'document' is broad and includes information in many formats, whether printed or in electronic form, photographs, letters, maps, film, reports, audio and video recordings.

The protection of the public interest and private and business affairs may cause some documents to be exempted from access.

Freedom of Information Act 1982 - Part II Statements

Wyndham City Council (Council) is one of over 900 local and State government bodies in Victoria that are subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1982(the Act).  Members of the public may, subject to certain exceptions and exemptions, obtain access to documents in the possession of Council by lodging a written application with a description of the documents sought. 

Freedom of Information (FOI) is one of several ways to gain access to Council held documents.  The FOI Act sets out a number of exemptions in which Council may refuse a person access to the documents that have been requested. The main exceptions are documents which; affect the personal affairs of another person, are commercially confidential;  would undermine law enforcement or the administration of the law; or which contain information supplied in confidence or affect legal proceedings.

There are other ways to access Council documents these are detailed below.

Part II of the FOI Act requires agencies to publish relevant information on an annual basis so as to assist members of the public to direct their FOI requests to the most appropriate agency and also to define the types of documents being sought.  These include:

  • the organisational structure, functions and responsibilities;
  • how documents are stored and categorised;
  • key decision makers and the different pieces of legislation that determined the responsibilities of Council;
  • information that is publicly available ; and
  • how to obtain access to documents when an FOI request is required.

Download - Freedom of Information Act 1982 - Part II Statements

Making a Request

Requests for access to information under the FOI Act must be:

  • In writing by completing the Freedom of Information application form & pay the appropriate non-refundable application fee of $30.60.
  • Provide sufficient information to enable the documents to be identified.  Where possible this should include the approximate date range of the documents sought, if known.

Payment Options

  • In person at the Council Civic Centre, 45 Princes Hwy, Werribee
  • Cheque or Money Order made payable to Wyndham City Council
  • Credit Card payment accepted by phoning the FOI Officer or FOI Support Officer on (03) 8734 5464

All applications for access to information under the FOI Act are to be addressed to:

Freedom of Information Officer,
Wyndham City Council,
PO Box 197, Werribee VIC 3030


On receipt of a valid request, the FOI Officer has 30 days to respond to the applicant with a decision. Under the Act, the time period may be extended by 15 days if consultation is required under certain sections of the Act.  Further extensions of the period can be sought with agreement by the Applicant for not more than 30 days at a time.  

Where a decision is made to deny or defer access, the applicant will be notified in writing of the reasons for the denial and the procedures available to appeal the decision.

Under the FOI Act, Council may deny access to ‘exempt’ documents.  Examples of ‘exempt’ documents include:

  • confidential matters considered by Council

  • law enforcement documents

  • some internal working documents

  • documents covered by legal professional privilege, such as legal advice

  • documents obtained in confidence or containing personal information about other people

  • documents containing "Commercial in-confidence" information or trade secrets

Other Costs

Where an application for access is granted, costs will be incurred by the applicant (in addition to the application fee) to access the documents. These charges are levied under with the Freedom of Information (Access Charges) Regulations 2004 and relate to:

  • Search time  - $22.90 per hour  of part  of an hour (1 hour X $22.935 round to $22.90)
    Supervision of Inspection charges - $5.70 per quarter hour, 15 to 30 minutes : $11.50 45 minutes -1 hour - $22.90
  • Photocopying charges - 20 cents per black and white A4 page.  Colour copies and paper sizes other than A4 are set at a reasonable cost incurred by Council in providing the copy.

Where it is anticipated that the costs will exceed $50, the applicant will be advised and requested to pay a deposit. The applicant will also be asked if they wish to continue with the request or narrow the terms/scope of their request to reduce costs.

Further information

For further information on the FOI Act and procedures please contact the FOI Officer on 8734 5464.

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