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What is Family Violence?

Everybody has the right to feel safe and not live in fear.  This includes feeling secure in your own family household. In Australia, it is against the law to be hurt or controlled by any member of your family, including your partner, children and in-laws. This is known as family violence, and it is an issue that is taken very seriously.

Family violence includes:

  • Any type of physical violence, such as slapping or punching
  • Being forced to do sexual things, even if you are married or in a relationship
  • Making threats or any kind of verbal abuse, including name calling
  • Denying  access to money
  • Controlling contact with people outside the family
  • Children witnessing this abuse

An environment of family violence is particularly harmful for children, even if they are not the directly affected by violence.

It is never your fault.

Often, people affected by family violence feel alone and isolated, perhaps even guilty or feel like they deserve the violence or control put upon them. As a result, many suffer the affects of family violence alone, and instances go unreported. If you are worried about someone, or need to seek help yourself, contact the following support services. In an emergency, contact Police on 000 (Triple Zero).

Family Violence Support Services





Safe Steps

24-hour crisis support line

1800 015 188 9322 3555



National Counselling Helpline

1800 737 732


Women’s Health West

Support, information and referral




Men’s Referral Service

Support service for men who want to change their violent behaviour

1300 766 491


Kids Helpline

Child First

Counselling helpline

Support service for children and families

1800 55 1800

1300 775 160



Werribee Police Station

Police station helpdesk, 24 hours

9742 9444


Wyndham North Police

Police station helpdesk

8734 1100



For more information please contact the Community Wellbeing and Inclusion team on 9742 0777.

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